2010-03-02 23:41:03 ET

Just another boring day.

2010-02-28 22:02:27 ET

I went on a fabulous ride today. Over 100 miles. We ended at this little sushi place - not as good as my favorite one but certainly better than most.

2010-02-27 19:50:15 ET

Today I got a new rear tire among other things, unbolted the extension, and changed the oil with the help of my good friend. Watch out streets!

2010-02-26 20:20:22 ET

Probably got a new job.
I'm kind of psyched. We shall see.

On another note: God/Flying Spaghetti Monster HELP YOU if you ask a parent to keep their spawn quiet(er) in a restaurant. Oh lordy - whole bag of warms could've been avoided if they went to Applebees or somewhere you'd expect children (and avoid if you don't want to deal with the screaming and crying) over Moon Under Water (a British pub with a great selection of beer and no highchairs!). I really try to go to dinner at off peak times or at less family friendly places for this reason.

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