2010-02-11 13:17:18 ET

Tonight I'm going to go eat sushi and bike hunt. WIN!!!

2010-02-10 18:28:16 ET

Today I realized why people use guns to kill themselves. You just have be brave for less than a second and it's over. I wonder if your body even registers the pain before you drop to the floor as a pile of wasted skin?

Yep. Today has been a morbid day.

2010-02-08 23:05:36 ET

If I ever won the lotto, I'd buy this house:


2010-02-03 22:07:44 ET

I got my hair redone today, used Special Effects Fishbowl, Iguana Green, Deep Purple, and Electric Blue... with a black base. It looks hella awesome and one I clean up my forehead I'll put new pics up.

I got all my disability documentation mailed out to UF on Monday - so fingers crossed there. Now it's just the waiting game. I already know I got in to UF's St. Pete campus which is uber convenient with the game plan of moving back to St. Pete in the fall. If we can't find something awesome in St. Pete we'll probably try to live on Tierra Verde.

Next week my school reinbursement check comes. Yay for rent money for a few months. Also I got an 86% on today's statistics test which is better than I thought I'd do.

I'm still debating whether I can justify spending $2k on a cheapy bike. For now all signs point to yes.

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