2010-01-31 15:44:22 ET

So, fingers crossed for UF application.

2010-01-28 16:20:06 ET

So, the Department of Education raised their prices on GED transcripts after I sent out the requests and money, so they sent it all back to me. FUCK YOU DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION! Thanks for holding up my fucking future. I hope whomever made that decision gets pancreatic cancer.

2010-01-26 16:46:26 ET

So, I've decided I'm going to be a bit daring with my hair this time... blonde, pink, and orange. Scott is going to totally hate it but I need something to break up the sea monster look for a little bit.

2010-01-23 19:47:41 ET

I need a new hair color.

The rules:
NO NATURAL COLORS!!! (Except a little bit of a black base.)

By the way, I redid my bio thing.

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