2009-10-15 10:52:43 ET

So, I got bored and played with makeup and wigs.

When Scott came home from class I was in the dark wig and he was giving me shit about looking very Russian, which began a great discussion of "In mother Russia you watch ceiling cat masturbate" kind of dialog.

Oh and something of interest for other in to cosmetics, haircolor, both photographs have the exact same makeup, that is the difference hair color does.

2009-10-15 11:05:14 ET

That first wig looks awesome on you! Super classy.

2009-10-15 11:13:07 ET

Thank you.

2009-10-15 15:14:45 ET


2009-10-15 15:24:32 ET

you pull off both hair colors very well. i always think i'd like to a wig for fun.

how'd you do your makeup?

2009-10-15 16:29:01 ET

With fingers actually, believe it or not. I washed all my brushes last night and they weren't dry yet. I used MAC eyeshadows (Amber Lights,Woodwinked, Motif, and a dark brown who's name escapes me), Lancome Mascara Virtuose in Black Carat, foundation of a light brushing of MAD Minerals in Rosy Light (I love their foundation, doesn't dry me out like BareMinerals), and a light layer of Russian Red over chapstick.

2009-10-15 16:55:37 ET

your fingers!?!? skills!!

2009-10-15 19:11:02 ET

Yeah, I hate using my fingers in my eyeshadows because fingers compact them and add skin oil in to eyeshadows so I just chiseled some out of each color on to the counter - applied with my fingers and then smudged using some toilet paper... yeah, I'm resourceful when I feel artsy.

2009-10-15 19:18:28 ET

i love you blond

2009-10-15 19:35:46 ET

that's awesome! i don't think it would have ever crossed my mind to chisel it out.

2009-10-16 05:54:37 ET

Aww thank you Bane. I feel way too I just came here from Mother Russia, let's accentuate all my slavic features in blonde. So, blonde is a wig color for me... I wear it when I feel like being normal looking.

And kitsune - spend as much money on makeup as I do and you think of all sorts of wacky ways to preserve it... lol.

2009-10-16 06:06:58 ET

lol that makes sense!

2009-10-16 07:40:24 ET

Yeah...I'm a huge whore for Mac. Oops.

2009-10-16 07:43:52 ET

i think you've turned me into a Lancome whore!

2009-10-16 08:33:01 ET

Lancomes mascaras are fabulous. Best mascaras I've ever used.

2009-10-16 08:45:07 ET

cool! i'm just starting to really get into makeup so i want to know what everyone uses.

2009-10-17 17:57:47 ET

Well, if you like suggestions - if your skin is at all sensitive stick to mineral foundations. The ones that cause the least irritation, in my opinion, are MAD Minerals. If your skin is on the oily side BareMinerals might be better for you. Best mascaras are hands down Lancome (unfortunately they all have an over $20 price tag). If your skin is not sensitive, go with Make Up Forever's HD Foundation - it looks fabulous but I get mild bumpy reactions to it so I don't use it anymore. As far as eye shadows, splurge on MAC (or MAC Pigments), best pigment bang for your buck and widely available now.

2009-10-17 18:49:46 ET

i can always use suggestions. i tend to stick with mineral makeup since i do break out a lot. i haven't really looked at MACs eyeshadows. i just got a crap ton of makeup but the next time i need to shop for some i may peek at the stuff.

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