Punck Kick Turn and Chop the Door, or I will Fall to the Floor
2003-07-27 13:39:05 ET

So me and my friend Krystal were hanging in the village in NYC. Our main goal was to distribute Flyers so I get a date with someone. The reactions we got from most of the people were priceless. Basically Another classic "You had to be there."

These are the miniflyers we used. they were like 2"x2" in size and had my AIM and YIM handles written on the back, they look like this:

Kickass Idiotic Fun. Might I also add the Village is an Awesome Awesome Place, I got a crapload of not so pricey stuff and a cool shirt from CB's 313 Gallery, And I got to see how a tounge peircing is gone about, heheh. Lol Now my Friend thinks I'm the sweetest guy around cause I held her hand...Also the vendors here basically dont care who comes in and buys what; the comic book stores dont have a seperate Adult or Hentai section, and we coulda gotten into a porn shop and they wouldnt think anything of it, geez.
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (PSX)
Parappa the Rapper (PSX)
Parappa the Rapper 2 (PS2)

Rammstein: Fuer Frei
Republica: From Rush Hour With Love
Republica: Are Friends Electric

2003-07-27 13:43:06 ET

lol, cute!

2003-07-27 13:53:44 ET

it wont amount to anything but it was fun

2003-07-27 16:29:36 ET


2003-07-27 16:37:11 ET

* rapes and runs *

2003-07-27 16:46:54 ET


you crazy little...


2003-07-27 16:48:24 ET

me? hmmm....

2003-07-27 16:50:12 ET



2003-07-27 17:48:54 ET

That's awesome. Dating flyers.

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