more ugly
2004-07-06 10:14:32 ET

Bea jumps on the dooky bandwagon
Dorah: Carrion

Guitar Freaks (PSX)
Guitar Freaks Append 2nd Mix (PSX)

2004-07-06 10:21:48 ET

hahaha, it's cute!

2004-07-06 10:23:57 ET

heh, thanks...I think I'm better at drawing me than picking out parts though

2004-08-11 21:33:58 ET

i miss you ;-P
you should update!

2004-08-17 23:46:14 ET

*tackles and sits on you*Bee my man what's up!?

2004-08-19 12:25:47 ET

Lars-lol I will when eventful stuff happens, which it did so i'll be updating soon

Josh-Hey youre back yayee. Aint much has been goin down, but like i said i will say whats been going on soon, heheh

2004-08-20 04:22:03 ET

LoL Hey bee. Things haven't changed to much here. I have a amazingly sweet gf-fiancee' now. And odd things like that.

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