Mama was burning a hole in my aunt! Please let me down to HOLD THE KETCHUP!!!!
2005-04-02 15:39:14 ET

You know you're real crappin' bored when you make avatars like this.
I made a page on VampireFreaks and I guess I never acknowledged it here. lol Same crazy avatar'll be there...

lol Last night at the mall some chicks in a limo pulled up. They got out, took one look at us and said "Devil Worshipers!! YOU ALL NEED SOME JESUS!!!" lol one of them just stared at me, these were black chicks mind you, and gave me that crazy you-have-betrayed-your-race look. lol I LOVE those...

Uhm I'll post more when I get some other issues put out of commission...
Pump it Up Exceed (PS2)
Gekisou Sentai CarRanger (Super Famicom [Sufami Turbo])

2005-04-03 01:10:47 ET

just imagine the looks my girlfriend gets when not only does she look like she does but she is dating whitey mcfreak at the same time ;-P

and that avatar pwnz my pants!

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