The New and Improved Dr. Robotnik: What the Crap?
2006-05-18 19:13:00 ET


2006-05-18 20:32:21 ET

less fat = <thumbs down>

2006-05-18 20:32:36 ET

on the plus side, he still has 4 nipples.

2006-05-18 20:36:56 ET

He looks too much like Professor Gerald now, I think. But the nubbins are indeed a plus!!

2006-05-18 20:38:35 ET

in all honesty i haven't been playing many video games for quite a while now...does that make me a bad person? :-|

the wii, despite its silly name, totally seemed to steal the show at this e3 though. so i'm stoked for nintendo.

2006-05-18 20:45:46 ET

Yea. I'm wondering what the Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam'll be like. It reminds me quite a bit of the old days with 1, 2, and 3xtreme. Sonic Wild Fire is looking good, as much as I probably wouldn't like actually moving the controller....and of course we can't forget Smash Bros Brawl. lol it is having the Snake...AND NINTENDOGS ATTACK!!

2006-05-19 08:23:36 ET

Not comically egg-shaped. A Big thumbs down.

2006-05-19 15:31:17 ET

Alrighty, Gerald support my claim

Big weirdness on the artist's part...

People also seem to be in an uproar because this will be another game with the Sonic X voice acting. Hey, we could have had Jaleel White back...even though I personally liked him back in the DiC days.

2006-05-19 20:14:22 ET

Jaleel White? Stefan Urquelle?

2006-05-20 07:27:43 ET

Righto. He played Sonic!

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