....with a scar runnin' down it like a sideways grimmace of an eyeless face; was just a little botch
2007-04-25 18:00:04 ET

Oh snap, It's a YouTube channel!!

Oh, and you know you feel quite particular when yer gal thinks she has to dump you to benefit you as you wouldn't be waiting up for her, then your neatest friend otherwise decides she wants to become an hero (dats be suicide for you un-hip folks [she's fine though]), then your computer actually does. This was all within 12 hours. Oooh hey, fancy some sketchings?

Dizzamn It's the new and improved Fiver and his FemChic!

Here's a Tori mod, much like her old style...

Meep's dance is so great it's like sunshine on a cloudy day.


This dramatic subject change brought to you by QueenBea.
Superstar Dance Club (PSX)
Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix (PSX)
Sega Ages Vol. 19: Fighting Vipers (PS2)
Sonic Adventure DX Directors Cut (GCN)
Sonic Heroes (GCN)
Sonic Gems Collection: Sonic R (GCN)
Dead or Alvie Ultimate (XBOX)
Demo: Dead or Alive 4 (360)

2007-04-26 04:24:00 ET


2007-04-26 08:58:00 ET


2007-04-26 13:58:02 ET

i dont know. suddenly i have gas.

2007-04-26 15:51:51 ET

Heh, you were always random.

2007-04-27 01:40:05 ET

its not my fault i cant control my gas ):<

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