I done made it
2008-08-07 12:38:03 ET

Okay here's the rundown; I'm finally here, but:

-My first attempt was thwarted by my parents pretending they had guardianship over me, and well, some cops are not thinkers.

-I had gone to my Aunt's after I had had it with their methods and told them I had signed actual papers to her, so a reluctant Mom and Dad let me go.

-Aunt and Gramma helped me book a new flight and now here I am in Ashland, but now it's just visiting for the remainder of the month to see how I like it, as I was advised to before I made any concrete decisions, and I agree.

Uhm, lol I'll bet I can write about my time here. Heheh...

2008-08-07 14:48:11 ET

woo fun ;-P
good luck

2008-08-07 18:14:48 ET

My grandparents live in Ashland. It's an awesome part of the country.

2008-08-11 08:32:34 ET

Place is damn beautiful lol. It's apparently one of the biggest cultural places around, and I was also intrigued to hear about how it seldom rains. Definitely good stuff!

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