2009-02-02 12:30:32 ET


So my summer was pretty cool, and yea I'ma talk about it now. As you may know I was supposed to move but I got stopped by the police 'cause of my lying parents. But I ended up visiting my friends in Ashland at the very least anyway. These two are clanmates from the Xbox 360 Phantasy Star Universe. D is a ranged and melee fighter who goes by Acacia, and Beth is one of our support players, Dr. Beth (i.e.: healing, curing, buffing.). She's named appropriately so because she is an osteopath in real life. Lollerskates.

I think my month there was kind of a bit rocky because one of their pets died whilst I was there and they were new to the whole kid-with-Aspereger's thing, apparently, but as it all progress they got to understand me. And that's neat.

Uhm, D took me to this LGBT camp party that was about 3 days long, possibly longer after we left. It was pretty neat. Here's a montage video:


Other than that we went to Restaurants and Bars and shit that Ashland had. It all makes me wanna move/go back in the future, probably much to the dismay of my friends here.
Currently I went back to school. English and Illustration. Learning programs like Illustrator seems like quite the daunting task; I'm so used to my sketching. Maybe I can post the things I do on here...
Uhm lol more as my life progresses. Eheheh.

2009-02-04 00:15:46 ET

woot for progress

2009-02-06 19:31:44 ET

Indeedy, also I'm smexy ROFL.

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