2009-11-03 03:49:54 ET

Finally did it! Cleaned up my bio significantly! Still working on it though. Heheh...

2009-11-03 03:52:40 ET

i was just thinkin your page is very 1995 d-;

2009-11-03 03:57:16 ET

That it is, I'm sure. I needsa learn more code, it seems. I don't wanna fuck too much with Rayvin's work though. Heh.

2009-11-03 04:04:53 ET

i think she just mostly stoled it from sis's page though...all of the stuff i've done with my page has just been teaching myself. google xhtml and css and maybe look at some other peoples' source codes if you feel zealous enough (: up to you though. the big space in the center between your bio and galleries particularly still looks off to me. dunno what kinda code she used but it needs some updatin!

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