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2009-12-10 15:06:03 ET

Xbox Avatars of mine, I built a male one for a couple of days and then I ran right back to the female one (left). I like that one better, and that makes me think. I wonder if it makes me think unnecessarily.

2009-12-10 15:13:19 ET

maybe d-;

2009-12-10 17:54:12 ET

yea, basically im wondering if im just in a phase that i think i have a female mindset or that god or whatever inadvertently made me male. maybe its not. i derno. its all got me thinking.

2009-12-10 18:45:12 ET

gender is complex. not everyone is born into the same gender as their sex. also some people just prefer to wear the clothes of the opposite gender. its a diverse world.

2009-12-10 21:55:35 ET

true nuff to what roent said

i say just be yourself, and don't change it for anyone else's or society's standards.

2009-12-11 02:42:32 ET

Ah, well thanks for that. Maybe the girlboyness I've been trying to achieve is sufficient, who knows, it is indeed true whats been said by Roentgen, and I think that as it stands I should just be wearing what I want. ::needsa go shopping:: ^_^;

2009-12-11 14:42:24 ET

i personally have a lot of 'effeminate' characteristics but i also know that i am exactly who i am for a reason, so i try to find a balance. i think i just don't relate with much of society's ideas about human sexuality and find them to be unhealthy and stifling...so i just do my own thing. why even worry about fitting into a box that's labeled as 'boy' or 'girl' based on society's standards of what either are "supposed" to be. just be who you are.

and yeah, fuck, a good chunk of my wardrobe is chick's clothes. the way most guys' clothes are cut bugs the shit out of me and doesn't fit my form anywhere near how i'd like it to.

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