Lack of Internets is Straight Dooky
2011-07-15 15:09:27 ET

...but it's back again for the time being, how do you do, SK denizens? NYC is still pretty neat albeit a little nuts. Some tool tried to get a little handsy on my block. Long story short, ex came out to chase him away and the guy ran so fast he left a little something behind that we'll just call a trophy.

The next day the guy calls (I had met him before and wasn't too opposed to meeting new people in a new place) and wants his shoes, to which my ex takes the phone and proceeded to exchange many a harsh word with him and another, older woman, probably next of kin or whatnot. Moral of the story: If you must try to molest/rape/what have you, don't do it in flip flops, and sure as hell don't call to ask for 'em back. :P

Oh yea, I say ex because my then boyfriend invited me here, we found ourselves to be a bit too compatible, and we became friends. He's quite swell. :)

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2011-07-15 17:27:13 ET

ohai! nice avatar. what size are those flip-flops? i could use some. d-;

2011-07-15 21:33:47 ET

I honestly don't understand the Punch-Outiness as of yet, I just know when there's a pattern and jumped on makin' that for the avatar. I'm weird, yes. ^^;

Alls I can say about the flip-flops is that I'm roughly a mens 12, my ex is a 10, and even he couldn't fit them, so I sure as hell wasn't gunna bother.... :P

2011-07-15 23:03:50 ET

...and now I figured out the fad and feel a tad stupid. You're a real trendsetter!! ^_^V


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