Just to be clear on one thing that's kept me going...
2012-02-20 19:40:59 ET

Yes. :D
Oh yea, to any who might not get the current avatar pic, that'd be Mortal Kombat's character Noob Saibot. ^_^;

2012-02-22 00:20:59 ET

I was a reptile fan when I was playing MK2 on my genesis.

2012-02-24 16:14:54 ET

Frankly I was more of a Street Fighter gal, myself. As far as SEGA alone is concerned, Fighting Vipers was where it was at. :)

The first fighting title I ever had was Power Rangers on the Genesis, still stands the test of time as I had played it maybe yesterday. Even covered one of the music tracks a while back. Ha. ^^;

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