Donna told me post this.........that is all
2002-11-22 12:28:59 ET


Comets? Feirce Winters? Lethargy? NO!!! I’ll tell you something!!! I might not have been there but this is
my theory, farfetched as it may be I say this is the truth…ANYONE WHO OPPOSES WILL SUFFER

The thing is it was demons, yes demons, demons who wanted to eradicate these guys so:
1)there would be some balance, I’m sure when humans had come into play, they’d have been eaten all
2)On the michevious side of things, baffle Scientist for an eternity making them question stupid obscure
things like What color are these guys, What killed these guys (Which I am answering right now) And how
could you stupid palientologists (spelling?) horribly disfigure those skeletons like that, ehh?

Of course It wasn’t so much an easy task, not very ample time to cover the world, sparing the
sharks and the insects and the mammals and what not, burying any evidence of their existance…which they
pretty much stopped doing so good a job of, figuring them humans were going to rape our planet looking
for stuff anyway, and of course come across these things…so that was scrubbed midway.

So now we get to how it went down. So, using their dark pagan magick, they put up a screen to
protect the worlds sharks and the insects and the mammals and what not, thus beginning the big parts. So
they went billion years into the future and retrieved surplus blasters, and a good plenty of plasma charges to
go with such, and then, well you know, blasted the dinosaurs and drove their remains underground for the
planet raping humans to unearth and willy nilly put bones together.
So then, there it is, there you have it, there we go…who am I? I am a friend…

2002-11-22 12:38:57 ET

Were dinosaurs on the earth before humans? Cause it doesn't add up! So they say god made the earth, and he put the humans on the earth. And such. Then it is said that dinosaurs came before the how were the dinosaurs on the earth before the humans, if god made the earth when he made human? hahahha It makes me think there isn't a god, although i do believe there is one, since i was braught up to believe in him, but you have nooooo proof at all, except for a BOOK that says he was real. But yet you have Fossils to prove that there were dinosaurs on earth! lmao

2002-11-22 13:40:56 ET

"More words of wisdom: You're not retarded. shut up you retard-Donna(ShatteredReflections)"

LMAO! when did i say that??? i didn't know i was so clever lol, i dont remember saying that

2002-11-22 13:45:01 ET

i thought the dinosaurs evolved into birds...i saw that on some canadian cartoon.

and actually, plastic, there's been alot of scientific evidence found now to disprove the fact that dinosaurs were on the earth long before humans and they actually existed at the same time. like fossils being found together and what-not

2002-11-22 13:46:43 ET

and is there another donna on SK? cause i dont remember the dino thing either! lmao

2002-11-22 13:51:43 ET


Turbo Skanker: aHHHHHHHHH! I see now! lol well then i'm confused and such! lol ^_^ You're smart

2002-11-22 14:19:40 ET

lol...if you say so ;-)

im often confused meself

2002-11-22 15:00:03 ET

Captain Falcon-prolly did evolve into birds, I think, so much like chickens...

Donna-did too. 'member in Jessi's quarters we was talking about the probability of a God versus that of Dinosaurs, and then I says "I should post my thing I wrote about dinosaurs here" and then yer all "sweet go for it".....coulda been Jessi I the retarded thing. did too again...cause Tasha joked and said she was retarded and then you said "you aint retarded shut up you retard"--and not to insult you, but YOU"RE JUST NOW NOTICING THAT? but that's okay

Jessi-I don't think God is human. I can tell you that...

2002-11-22 15:06:35 ET

lol, i just have a bad memory i guess. and yes, i just now noticed, BECAUSE I AM RETARDED

2002-11-22 15:07:19 ET


2002-11-22 15:12:56 ET

no no no! we TALL did! we TALL! sheesh.

2002-11-22 15:28:42 ET

you did tall?
did he like it?

2002-11-22 15:33:45 ET

no, no. lol. I AM WE TALL DID. lol. and, my dixie wrecked.

2002-11-22 15:37:28 ET

ok then

2002-11-23 13:03:55 ET

Right then. oh and what catholics say in defence to the proof of dinos before humans is that when you read it you must not consider days as well days. before humans there were "things that crawled" so that's their defence.

2002-11-24 11:38:28 ET

lmao. My parents are catholics, they think i am, but i don't think it's possible for me to be. They have some dumb rule about how you have to.....wait you can't be gay and such. hahaha, well yeah. And all this other stuff. I don't have a religion. sooo umm....yeah...

Bee- You confused me. lol

2002-11-25 12:14:26 ET

i'm made to go to catholic classes. they suck.

2002-11-25 12:18:03 ET

Hey alteast you weren't forced to go to catholic SKOOL from pre-school till 6th grade! lol

2002-11-25 12:24:27 ET

oh god jessi, you poor thing! are you ok? lol

2002-11-25 12:26:47 ET

did the nuns spank you? damn nuns!

2002-11-25 12:35:01 ET

lmao, actually we didn't have nuns as teachers. Except when i was in 3rd grade, my teacher was a nun, she was the only nun in the whole skooL! lol

Yeah i'm okay! ^_^

2002-11-25 12:35:35 ET

lol, were you friends with the poor little alter boys?

2002-11-25 12:54:02 ET


2002-11-25 12:54:19 ET

yes. those.

2002-11-25 13:07:11 ET

sorry. epsilon=grammar nun

2002-11-25 13:28:16 ET

hahaha.........O_o I was an alter server! :( hahahahah! Then i quite, cause i was like......i don't like doing this! So yeah. Now i have to go to ccd on wednesdays, and church every sunday morning!

2002-11-25 15:02:37 ET


2002-11-26 05:42:19 ET

i Have to go to RCIA thursdays and church sundays.I makes you hate jesus dosn't it?

2002-11-26 06:33:03 ET

LMAO! Yes!

2002-11-26 11:25:22 ET

last sunday i attended the spanish mass and our priest mispronounced "war" in spanish and instead said "blond lady"
Blond ladies are evil!

2002-11-26 12:08:47 ET

LMAO! HAHAHH! We used to go to the spanish masses here, but then they got rid of em, cause the people at my church are prejudice, so yeah!

2002-11-26 12:12:41 ET

where do you live?

2002-11-26 12:42:35 ET

Yucky texas!

2002-11-26 12:46:10 ET

ah! but there is ALOT of RAZA down there how can this be?

2002-11-26 12:48:35 ET

Raza? sorry, i'm kinda retarded! lol

2002-11-26 12:52:30 ET

yes fill us in please

2002-11-26 13:00:51 ET

how come you're not on aim?

2002-11-26 15:49:02 ET

new computer...AGAIN...I'll be in when I get the AIM thingy

2002-11-26 19:07:16 ET

awwww, I need a new computer. Mine sux, and it's not even a year old! I think it's cause i'm always on it or something! lol

2002-11-27 05:52:58 ET

RAZA= latin race/s

2002-11-27 11:37:01 ET

ohhh......yeah. lol i think a lot of people here in texas are racist.

2002-12-02 11:14:34 ET

hmm. never saw it coming.

2002-12-02 12:28:03 ET

oh texas is horribly racist. :-X badness!

2002-12-02 12:30:18 ET

quiet Whitey! i'm sorry you were saying?

2002-12-02 12:32:26 ET

hahaha. yes. i am white. but shhh! don't tell anyone! white people suck! lol. and i'm allowed to say that, cause i'm white!

2002-12-02 12:50:38 ET

i'm beaner. Roentgen wants to call you cracka.

2002-12-02 12:56:10 ET

...? beaner?

2002-12-02 16:39:51 ET

heeeeeeeey dont look at me don-ahhhh!!! (^-^)

2002-12-02 16:52:47 ET


2002-12-03 05:55:35 ET

beaner= degrading label for mexican.
derived from excess of beans in mexican diet.

2002-12-03 12:00:53 ET

You're mexican???

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