2002-11-24 10:00:03 ET

Okay so here's what's down

1)Tori baybee keeps saying SK never answered her back about her application (name is XxBjorkxX) other than what I've told her, anyone who knows to whose attention I should bring this--greatly appreciated

2)lol sister screamed at me this morning because I blew up the eggs again--hehehehehahahah

3)sister and a friend made this stupid harry potter fanfic that you'll see later, just gotta show you

4)I acquired a new name at the skatepark this week
Weird? I know

5)I'm out to purchase Fighter Maker if Moms doesn't stop being fucked up--I'ma tell you about this game too after I've screwed with it

You are Sylvia Plath
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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PSX)
Knuckles in Sonic 2 (Genesis)

2002-11-24 10:15:51 ET


he does

2002-11-24 11:12:09 ET

Syko doesn't allow the whole XxXxxXxxxXX in name things...

2002-11-24 11:12:50 ET

do you sit in the corner and look at the paintings?

2002-11-24 13:24:55 ET

donna-It is a sweet name hmm..bean backside boneless..mmh
kasty-NEAT! thanks

2002-11-24 13:38:50 ET

if they call you bean.

in the movie bean, bean sits in the corner and looks at the paintings...he says so!

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