2002-12-21 13:31:16 ET

At my aunts house just miles away from that nightclub, I got my silly hat, my disposable camera, and my schoolgirl giddyness...I'm goin with Totsha to that Ill Nino/E-town/Otep show shortly, this is so cool and so orgasmic....heheheheheh
Delight Delight Reduplication (PC)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2)
Pump it up! DX (Arcade)
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (Arcade)

2002-12-21 13:45:58 ET

Your bio is incredibly long o_o

2002-12-21 18:58:40 ET

heh...I get that a lot...well I'm back...damn I shoulda got a pic with tasha er sumthin...i'm a wuss go on and say it

2002-12-21 19:29:46 ET

How does that make you a wuss?
And was it a good show?

2002-12-21 19:37:56 ET

yes...we didn't stay fer the whole thing but I'll have to say like Otep and Noise Therapy were indeed the bestest, so I aint a wussbucket that I pussied out on asking for a picture? okay, least I saw Those two guys, least I got a hug from Tasha...

2002-12-21 19:39:12 ET

Why was it so hard to ask for a pic then??

2002-12-21 19:40:50 ET

I didn't know the right words to say because I dont think fast, and me dad was rushing me to get the hell out of there, I must say that alone was the ticket pretty much...

2002-12-21 19:42:24 ET

Awww.. well will you get to see her again sometime??

2002-12-21 19:47:49 ET

next time she comes round I'ma talk to her about that, like I member how much she said she and some guys shop at this Manufacturers outlet village that I've been in a couple times..and there's this nice little club that has this thing wednesdays...or we could talk about other possibilities I guess...

2002-12-21 19:52:16 ET

But...you know what I will do? I'ma draw pictures...that's pretty good, no?

2002-12-21 19:54:35 ET

hehe.. yeah! That's original! Handdrawn concert pics instead of photos..!

2002-12-21 20:18:39 ET

lol I'll tell you she was a little thing...hell, a lot of people there were short, heheh...but I like that, I envy that, stupid 6-foot me...

2002-12-21 20:30:34 ET

*lol* How small was she?

2002-12-21 20:33:49 ET

like 4'10''-4'11'' I must say, heh

2002-12-21 20:34:31 ET

Awwwwwww, that's cute!

2002-12-21 20:36:35 ET

I know, and that's why I envy short people...so damn cute and I'm not pretty...

2002-12-21 20:38:27 ET

*lol* Well you're a guy, you're not supposed to be pretty!

2002-12-21 20:45:04 ET

touche I guess....but damn!!! pigmies!!! cute little pigmies!!! no wonder I couldn't find them immediately

2002-12-21 20:48:13 ET

*lol* But if you're tall, wouldn't you have been able to see over everything and spot them?

2002-12-21 21:24:19 ET

you would think, wouldn't you? but there was a lot of other tall people there, see? and given that blad and tasha were among the few minorities out there...it shoulda been easy...dammit!!

2002-12-21 21:29:32 ET

LOL mehbe you're just blind

2002-12-21 21:34:54 ET

that and i think they were down where the pit was...and i was up in the back and stuff...

2002-12-22 00:56:20 ET

im getting tony hawk 4 on monday, and i got metroid prime tonight. METROID PRIME = THE MOST ORGASMIC GAME EVER!

2002-12-22 09:16:17 ET

beeeeeee!!! lol......that show kicked so much ass, sux we didn't really get to talk much, but it was kool that we met, i didn't notice you at first, but then i was like BEE!! BEE!! and u didn't see me so i felt dumb and thought it wasn't you lol

that was fun!!

2002-12-22 09:16:42 ET

oh yeah and i looked SO fucking horrible, cuz it was hot in there and i was goin crazy and my hair was sooooo fucked up lol

2003-01-07 17:05:37 ET

lol but you were a cute little thing anyway...like your eyes are like almost enticing, I sware...lol your photos make you look tall, heh but that's sweet...

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