2002-12-25 21:11:24 ET

YAYEE for the number one commercial holiday!!!

Tonday's new bleeding Fingers
Fighter Maker 2
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

2002-12-25 21:14:55 ET

almost as good as columbus day...

2002-12-25 21:20:06 ET

yayee...as the Edit now says, YAYEE I got Tony 4 and Fighter Maker 2 [I'ma make some of you in both games watch out], boo we don't get off columbus day no more, erghh

2002-12-25 21:22:36 ET

sweet! :-D

thps 4 OWNZ

2002-12-25 22:37:19 ET

you'd prolly be easy to do...I so far got candidates up fer you, Totsha, and someone else I aint sure..

2002-12-25 22:44:12 ET


2002-12-28 23:38:06 ET

??? hi bee!!! how's ya drawings going?

2002-12-29 12:01:19 ET

you'll see something in a bit, gotta get the scanner up and that means I gotta restart the damn comp and that'll be when I feel like it (more or less by the end of the hour actually) heh

2002-12-30 00:21:13 ET

oh I see! well that's cool

2002-12-30 00:38:59 ET

<very squealy voice>

(that was me yawning)

2002-12-30 00:39:52 ET


2002-12-30 00:42:49 ET

dont ask me...i yawned...thats the noise i made...i decided to denote it!

2002-12-30 17:11:09 ET

It's fucked up but okay here...

erghh.....fuckin fuck fuck

2002-12-30 17:35:57 ET

evil image servers!

2002-12-30 17:36:46 ET

oh but i see it now! man you freakin rawk :-D

2002-12-30 17:37:35 ET

if you draw anymore of my character let me know...thats VERY rad (-:

2002-12-30 22:59:44 ET

Bee! ... You rock... so hard!
Good work man! I like the cane ya gave me! "kingpin style"

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