O what fun it is to ride in a '67 Chevrolet
2003-01-26 01:01:57 ET

-not the car we was in mind you-
What? Nell Carter died? woah....welp now for our feature presentation...i'm sure none of you will comment, hopefully you might
-Gamestop buying a Platinum (ick) Gamecube-
Bee: oh no, crap no! Becca is this DDRMAX any good?
Ruben: Ugh.......the accursed DDR
Becca: No
Bee: I figured...the North American ones always suck umentionable parts
Becca: what are you whining about? just import one
Bee: Well thennn I need to find a modchip and stuff
Ruben: not a problem I got too many
Becca: as do I
Benny: wait.....ain't yers just for PSX?
Becca: Nooooo...you wanna explain to me how else I'm playing Para Para?
-wait it picks up I promise..then we dirve around and listen to sweet, sweet J-pop and now we're like what the hell are we eating...oh yes...so then we like go to Wendy's and then poke food and resturant fun and....burger joint fun....ploo-
Benny: I bet you those flowers aren't real
Rest of us: duh they ain't crappin real
-debate time-
Becca: NO! Metroid Prime is the one where you can't see yourself
Bee: Yea Fusion's the third person one
Becca: no that's prime again...
Bee: no that's first person; third person perspective is when you can see yourself
Becca: Well I'm tellin' you.....waitasecond...okay
-when come back bring pie...........wanker-
Ruben: Name a food I don't care
Benny: Maccaroni and Cheese!!!
Ruben: YES thank you!!!
Bee: YES!!
Becca: YES!!
Benny: OH YEAH!!!
Bee: YEAH!!! nononono...Frikkin Stouffers, blink TV dinner caliber....shiznat
Benny: hmm...I can agree with Stouffers....
Ruben: no we should be at boston market i love when they mess up and the get the cheese from the maccaroni in with the apple crap...
Bee: ::orgasmic sigh:: delectible...that is sweet
Ruben: best thing ever
Bee: that is vastly understated...it's the best thing ever!!!
Becca: they've done that with apple pie!! i saw that...some where
Bee: YES!! I thereby declare melted cheese as a universal condiment
Bee: Amen -a halelujah woulda been funnier-
-other stuff goes by like talk of what happened in penny arcade...and twisted logic like how can yer little sister be your be your nephew-
Rest of us: what?
Ruben: Neice, sorry, neice
Bee: oh....nooo now you're gonna have all this in my head
Benny: I know I know!!! clones!!!
Ruben: ::throws his hand up like he was on to something there, stays that way for like five seconds:: nope, nope..screw it
-closing concept-
Benny: woah who has the time? what time is it?
Ruben: prolly round 8 or something
Bee: ugh.......only thing these places need is a clock
Ruben: wha? Kloggs?
Bee: Noooo a clock
Ruben: but Beeeee, they need Kloggs in some place too, don't they?
Bee: sure
Ruben.....yeh hear me all of you?
-then we get in the car, and drive to the mall, Ruben and Becca leave us for what I can only imagine..(who wants to be be my girlfriend?) and we like meet up with the other crew and play DDR....lol I made then roll their eyes at me when i started playing Bad Girls...and lost, heheh...weirdly there was hardly anyone there that night, there usually is..it's the peak hour for kids crowding and making out, oh well...let me tell you one thing...if you get winded playing DDR dont drink soda, cause then you get sick and winded...lol when me dad came and picked me up I wasn't sure which car we were in, ugh...-
Also, I just got done the draft of the other coffe table submission, which will now be my primary one, actually....heh so you'll see that in a bit...well I'm out--none of you are gonna comment i'm sure but we'll see...
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Genesis)
Demo Kiosk: Panzer Dragon Orta (XBOX)

2003-01-26 01:40:00 ET

first-person perspective is where you're looking thru the characters eyes so you CANT see yourself. that is all ;-)

2003-01-26 06:26:28 ET

I was just about to say that, Lars.. lol!

2003-01-26 11:14:16 ET

oops I made a typo actually--fixes--...pfft my mistake...and might I add we were completely un-wasted prior to hooking up that night...lol

2003-01-26 12:12:34 ET

oh what fun!

2003-01-26 17:54:53 ET

it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh, hey

2003-01-26 20:41:47 ET

<shakes head>


2003-01-27 00:39:51 ET

heh heh heh, couldn't help myself :-D

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