2003-03-10 17:09:30 ET

have you ever met someone who is so compatible that it's scary, that you are so much alike on a million different levels, that you may have found an opposite sex verion of yourself, that if you came any closer you were reading their mind? it's creepy I tell you, yet super cool at the same time...woooo..wooooooooooooooooo!!!
AAAA THE LABELS, THEY BURN!!! mueheheheh....

Oh Your Sooo Goth!!

How Wannab-Goth Art Thee?
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Your anime hair color is green.

What is your anime hair color?
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You're dark and mysterious, poetic, and a hopeless
romantic. The dark side of life has always been
prevalent. You dodge normal people because
their ignorance of the evil being done around
them. You are a tortured soul who trusts no
one. You're everything the freaks wish they
You're a real goth.

Are you a goth or a mansonite?
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You are GOTH.

You really are goth, even though you INSIST that
you're not. You say you don't want to be
labeled. What you don't realize is: everyone
in today's society is given a label whether we
like it or not. So quit acting so stuck on
yourself while pretending you're not and get
over it!

Are You GOTH?
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You're Dr. Eggman, Sonic's ever-persistant enemy!
"I play this game by my rules, I will
conquer the world with my tools!"

Which Sonic Adventure 2 Character Are You?
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2003-03-10 17:57:32 ET

them's alotta quizzaz

2003-03-20 16:49:40 ET

yes...met lots of those kinds of people.

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