2003-06-27 17:08:01 ET

I wanna go to this but I got no one to go with...dang

2003-06-27 17:23:30 ET

I'll go with you. ^_^

2003-06-27 17:34:59 ET

but it's in PA, but maybe i underestimate you... maybe i should ask someone

2003-06-27 17:47:26 ET

you should ask someone. ^_^

2003-06-27 17:56:02 ET

i dunno who to ask, i dont have any friends like that...hmm the only candidate i have is Tasha because she clued me in about that concert awhile back and i wanted to return the favor...but I aint sure we'd really hang out and talk much as opposed to just see people play music, and i aint sure she's speaking to me either...only soul that came to mind so far...

2003-06-27 23:05:16 ET

well id go if i lived anywhere near you ;-P

2003-06-29 08:02:49 ET

I would... NEXT YEAR!

2003-06-29 08:03:53 ET

* crys *

2003-06-30 06:27:05 ET

poor bee and rayvin no one to travel with.... *laughs* my plan is working!!! bwahahhah

2003-06-30 13:20:03 ET

blow me joshie.... I'll go with out you!

2003-06-30 14:16:02 ET

which one?

2003-06-30 17:43:01 ET

I would blow you but u never let me!

2003-06-30 18:28:51 ET


2003-06-30 18:31:56 ET

why you like the thought!

2003-07-03 08:20:56 ET

hey wait, isn't she traveling to me?

2003-07-03 09:26:58 ET

* shot me now *

2003-07-03 16:15:44 ET

hmmm I'll rent her to you!

$50 a minute!

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