2003-01-16 01:26:45 ET

at what point do you start pinching yourself?


i am pretty positive this is just an amazing dream.

2003-01-14 20:11:09 ET

i've had a rather amusing day. and it has left me exhausted.

let me start with last night. i was up and about messing on the computer. ended up chatting till about two a.m. while contemplating on whether i should go to bed or not, it hit me.. like the worse addiction. a craving itching in my skin and rattling my brain. i became one track minded, and as much as i tried to fight it off, i couldn't..

i need to draw, to create, to make "art". so i ran up into my room. searching for my sketchbook, the one sketch book i had seen floating in my room previously. of course its no where to be found. not even with my other sketchbooks,or underneath fashion mountain. (four feet high pile of clothing covering my entire bed) i became really frustrated, pulled all of the clothes off my bed. and it wasn't there. i rumaged through ever pile i had created while cleaning previously that day. and the thing was nowhere. so i grabbed another sketchbook, doodled for a few minutes and just couldn't get it out. i needed "THEE" sketchbook.

so after being frustrated i decided to go to bed. it was now roughly 3:30 a.m.

-cut scene-

i woke up at ten a.m. and wanted to just roll back over, pull the blankets over my head, and create a beautiful warm carbon dioxide cocoon for myself. i thrusted myself out of the warm comfort and instantly ran to the cold sanatized environment of what is my bathroom. i figure if i get in the shower, there is no turning back. after shower of doom, i proceeded to get dressed. then i attacked the kitchen for some breakfast.

i've been reallly addicted to instant oatmeal the past few weeks, mostly because we seem to have an endless supply of it. although i did break that yesturday, i made pancakes.

i could probably write forever about oatmeal. so i'll just cut to the chase.

nicole, inthia, and i infiltrated the los angeles zoo. i brought my camera, and a zoom lense. nothing like getting pictures of animals up close and personal. going to the zoo only feeds my odd obsession of owning a large farm with lots of animals. i really want a goat. (more on this later) we managed to see all the really gret animals. the la zoo will soon be a pretty decent zoo. i vote they get a bat hut though. cause the bronx zoo had a bat hut and it was just the coolest thing ever. might i add that i want a bat.

while moosing around the reptile hut, i mysteriously lost my two companions. so i continued on looking at the snakes. then i noticed this odd snake with a foot. i soon realized that this type of snake does not have feet, and it was infact the foot to a small animal. so i high tailed it out of there and found nicole and inthia on a bench.

after the zoo, we went to alcapuco (i think that's how you spell it.) nicole's been rather obsessed with going there lately. i haven't eaten there in about three to four years. suprisingly enough they had a nice selection of veggie friendly foods. they have embraced the portabello mushroom. i got tasty mushroom enchiladas. the next time i go there though i will be getting desert.

2003-01-13 23:43:41 ET

i know most people are going to hate me for my novel length entries. so i will attempt to keep this one short and sweet.

i've been spending alot of time with brian. of course, its by force. a gun to the head of someone will do wonders. or a good arm twistin and some flashy violent words work well, too.

the early part of my week was spent with brian. i'm thinking of surgical attachment. possibly to my hip. or maybe shrinking him down so i can keep him in my pocket, or so that he can live in my hair. speaking of hair. i dyed it on teusday. it is lime green, grass green, and black.

i spent most of the middle part of last week with smash, jay, and fray. ended up wednesday night being kidnapped and taken to the mall. then we headed over to fray's house for the coffee of doom. and then back to smash's. that ngiht consisted of invader zim and space ghost. thursday i ended up gettin my right nostril pierced, to match my other one. so now i have two stars.

thursday night was the usual perversion thang. i got my dance on, which left me sore for two point five days.

firday i had work. after work, brian and i attempted to go to the movies we ended up hanging out at his place watching stuff on the computer. tv's are not needed. i ended up crashing there. due to me falling asleep on his couch. saturday, i procrastinated as long as possible. having an actuall free day is rare, so i attemtped to lay there for as long as possible. brian and i ended up finally getting up and going out to lunch. three forths of a sandwich later, we headed out to acomplish our plans for the day. assult magic mountain. maybe coasters were ridden. hit up all of the newer ones: x, deja vu, golliath. i insist you go and ride all of them. they were all very fun. of couse. on a day when i'm having fun, my body desides its going to recreate a very famous scene from the shining:

luckily it was at the end of the day. so after all of that moutain of magic jazz, we headed back to brian's to eat pizza, watch a movie, and some SNL. i ended up falling asleep on the couch, mostly likely pinning brian. bau hahah. all part of my evil plan.

sunday i had to work. :/ but after work i had inthia over. we slept.

monday was filled with pancakes, six feet under (tv), cleaning my room, and girl time.

tomarrow i go to the zoo.

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