2003-01-28 00:27:54 ET

its 2:32 am.

its roughly 53 degrees out.

and i just grabbed myself the biggest bowl of icecream ever.

new temp look
2003-01-27 17:23:41 ET

since axo went for a new look i figured i would too:

i got new glasses and some fake bangs.

tonight i'm off to the das ich show. had a very nice weekend. brian and i had babies, two to be exact; pixel and icon, two of the cutest rats you'll ever meet. brian and i cleaned out an old monitor that he owned and we turned it into a pretty spiffy rat condo. i promise i'll have pictures soon.


2003-01-22 22:14:02 ET

post of doom, rock the moon.

i should become a rapper.

anyhow. the bulk commamds.

thrusday was the perversion jazz. nicole and i got ready and headed to the club. just like old times. stood around giggling and the inevitable. why dont you go dance. cause i always wanna dance but she's not ready. and after all this time, it's kinda hard at the begining of the night to walk over to a partially empty dance floor and get your dance on. even though this is the best time to get to dancing. so i pranced around her till she got fed up and decided to go dance before i started slithering next to her like a snake of kitty doom. the night pretty much consisted of just dancing. oh and my on a box dancing. pretty fab- no? then i performed straw acupuncture on brian. but i don't think he was having any of it. even though i am a trained professional.

friday: brian and i hung out, watching stuff on his computer like the omen inspired south park. i passed out pinning him to the couch and i think he died.

saturday: our grand plans of doom, i ruined. but i was tired and not wanting to get out of bed. i couldn't help it though. so we ended up at denny's, viva french toast. and then to the museum. half the stuff was closed so we didn't really get to see that much stuff. :/ curse you lacma. after lacma we headed to 3rd street. i've been looking for walkie talkies of the stealth kind. i filled a little bit of my addiction by getting a tropical passion tea latte from the coffee bean. sooooooo addicting. shhh. i won't tell, if yo won't. off to ameoba for music. i purchased:

beck:midnight vultures
madonna: erotica
madonna: ray of light
and two bis albumns
the cardigans: grand turismo


we rented cecil b. demented. i love john waters. LOVE. i forgot how funny that film was.

sunday was interupted by work. and then people giggling at me, cause i got anxious when work was close to ending. :D brian came and picked me up and we headed over to the studio city area. it was queen ruby's birthday and we were invited to a dinner/bowling celebration. the resturant was a lovely monroncan place, that catered to the meat eating types. although i did get some tasty soup. viva, and i got to eat all of brian's baklava (baclava, bean larvae?) many very amusing moments shared at the table while eating. off to pickwick for the lowest game i've ever scored. i think it may have been in the 40's. after bowling i was taken home, i tried to sneak brian in, so we could hang out. but everyone was asleep in the living room. weirdos.

monday was my day off, and i did nothing all day.

teuday was my second day off, and since i messed up monday i had to clean my room to make up. 6+ HOURS. and i just looks worse. :/ so now. i really have to haul my ass in there.

wednesday: work. blarh. a very long day. but fun, and kinda easy.


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