2003-02-13 23:46:18 ET

your horribly disfigured.

tubing, its a good thing.

i've spent the past two days with nicole. we got to hang out, did some last minute hair things, and ate ice cream.

60 dreds. 45 feet of tubing later...

.. and voila. a head full of insanity.

we ened up watching mostly weird ass tv. and giggling quite a bit about random things. its nice to just get back to basics.

2003-02-12 09:22:50 ET

i kept hearing that los angeles is a desert. and its true. people need to realize this. there is a reason why it doesn't rain, and why it can get pretty hot. this entire area was a desert.

and when it rains, we get desert rain. where it comes pouring, and leaves.

11:10 a.m. sunland, ca

mind you i woke carina up to do this. she thinks i'm crazy. so do all the kids in the two class rooms across the street. a couple of them were pointing at me. while i was standing out there, in the rain barefoot. my dog speck licked my feet when i came inside. it was really gross.

rain rain rain, we like rain, splash splash splash.

viva nothingness
2003-02-09 10:02:42 ET

i think i'll wash my hair tonight.

its been a while, it needs to be dyed. i also need a "grip" of fake hair. at some point i need to get to the hollywood wig and home depot to pick that stuff up. viva tubing. the next adventure will be dreds, tubing, and relace.

last week of freedom before it all starts. school. i've been thinking about the situatuion. if i only had my license i would have a better job, whihc would mean more money. and that leads to an actual life. car, home. the like.

my father frieday bailed on me. so i didn't get to take my test yet again. i have another appointment for the end of the month. if i don't get to take this test. i'm going on a murderous rampage throughout my house, i'm sure you'll read about it on the news.

oh, and i beat unreal II. funny thing is i would have beat it sooner5 but the game makes my computer crash every five minutes or so. but today i offically watched the credits. i saw the end sequence on friday, but then my comp crashed before the credits rolled, so i thought there was another few levels. but there wasn't. the game overall was kinda disappointing. the beginning was good, the middle part sucked, and the end got a little better. but it didn't make up for the over all suckiness of the bulk middle section. i say get a friend to burn you a copy, theres no reason to spend the money. the ending is completely anti-climatic. le sigh.

i watched men in black two yesturday wtih brian. lord. the thing is an endless commercial. and the fact that they brought tommy lee jones back is retarded. then again the movie wasn't made for a cynical angst ridden young adult like myself. so i'll let it slide. although it did raise a chuckle out of me a few times. nothing like killing aliens. so i can't be COMPLETELy against it.

i need pie.

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