2003-02-20 09:42:58 ET

with all the reading i've been doing, i've been thinking differently. i've got alot of these characters imprinting there personalities on conscious. my inner voice sounds very different. i think sometimes i get too involved with books. on the positive side of things, it is feeding this constant stream of ideas. some of which i plan to press onto film, and some onto canvas.

i'm in the mood for blowing money on art supplies. that feeling alone is one of the most enjoyable ones. i'll just wait a week, and then go prancing around calumet and freestyle. weeee.

yesturday i had my first fay of colour photo. now, while i'm not to exicted about the teacher (she went on a rampage last semester) i am excited about the projects. i kinda can't wait to get started. i got to see teriell, who is an amazing woman. she expressed that she wants to photograph me. which should be fun. after class inthia, nicole, and i went to in n out to get some grilled cheese action. made a few wrong phone calls and finally got ahold of smash. we went over to her house to enjoy each others company. played tekken 3, its brought my instinct out to get the game and become good at it. (i <3 tekken 3) then we watched chicago. they have a copy of it. i love that film. i will end up singing "when your good to mama" for the next few days on end. now, this will do two things a. make my friends sing b. drive my family nuts.

i need to get my dance on. i think i'm gonna bump some ebm and shake my booty.

morning sickness
2003-02-18 20:12:35 ET

brian('s rat) gave birth to nine rats. well, at least from what we quick counted. he's gonna be such a good momma. <3

nicole^2 + ginny + coffee = insanity. why?

well you'll soon see. i ended up in a shopping cart, then in a dryer, and on a table.

i had a blast of a day.

oh. and today was my first day of school. i'm really really excited. abnormal psychology is going to rock. then i'll just realize how crazy i am. viva psych student syndrome.


2003-02-16 21:16:54 ET

brian's rat, icon, is preggers!! he's gonna be a momma.

so if anyone wants some baby rat action, let us know.

and my rat, is a total lesbian. it attacked brian's roommate's bra and wouldn't come out. i was too busy laughing to help.

but the rats like the tubing, they curl up in it and sleep.

i had a nice weekend. got an unexpected gift on friday, which made everyone is the house jealous. insane red roses. so my mom and sisters got all crazy. it was amusing. friday night after work, brian and i headed up to santa barabra for the weekend. we spent saturday hanging out on state st. which hasn't change since i've last went. santa barbra is really nice. the weather was nice too, viva overcast.

i suppose i should get to finishing my box of jujyfruits.

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