2003-03-15 15:41:27 ET

today i went to school for a lith print demo. it was disappointing, at best. i ended up with only one decent print. i think the overall feeling was pretty much "meh". although i did have some good luaghs with inthia which made it all worth while. if she wasn't there, i would have probably left in the middle of it. pablo and i have established once more that i am creepy.

i'm buying an enlarger from school. viva. i'll be able to print at home.

i went to the doctor and i am now on anti-biotics that have some form of sulfur in them. so hopefully by next weekend i should be in tip top shape. the doctors office was straight out of 1950. i loved it.

i have film. lots of it. beware.

i'm planning on being absorbed by my couch. or better yet, brian.


god loves us.
2003-03-13 21:04:51 ET

god loves me.

CBS. eleven thirty. letterman.

crispen glover with will farrell hosting.

tomarrow i see willard.

2003-03-12 06:40:50 ET

blarg, you know you just don't want to get out of bed. that is me. i've spent the entire weekend being ill. coughing up a storm. my mucus has been a technicolour 70's trip. via phlegm and blood. the weekend although spent mostly indoor cudding, was a nice weekend. (i am currently blocking out all portion of what is me being sick)

satuday was carina's birthday party. brian and i picked up the cake. it was swell to get to see most of the old P'n'M crew again. made me miss the days of punx n monx quite a bit. after chatting for such i long time i began to lose my voice and then finally when brian i left it was practically gone.

today i have my colour photo project due, which should be ok. i'm just gonna drop it off and come home. i still feel like utter crap.

being home has made me into a total internet junky. garg. so i'm actually in the process of redoing my webpage. today i'm gonna take pictures of my art and get my online portfolio up and running. most of the redesign is up. viva. it's still not done, so don't but me. but i thought you all might want to take a peek.

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