2003-03-22 19:38:11 ET

dear today:

go away. and never come back.




today was the crappiest day. i am now completely screwed. i couldn't shoot my photo project as planned. but then i figured i could do it tomarrow. nope. i have to work. on top of that i received a write up at work. because i called out all those times i was sick. the write up i don't really care about, hot topic is the last thing on my list to worry about. its behind what to do with my hair, and shaving my legs. but the combined fact of how many things went wrong just sucked.

i don't know what to do wtih my photo project at all. i think i'll pass monkeys through my veins and photograph them travelling into my heart and killing me. can someone develope the film for me?

what to do, what to do.

on the plus side.

brian = best thing ever.

now to shoot things.
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2003-03-19 05:28:43 ET

as for this morning. what to do. what to do. i sleep with two blankets. when i woke up one of my blanket had completely disappeared off my body. hence, my sore throat. so i figured it would be on the floor next to my bed. i look down ready to snatch the thing up. and it isn't there. brief moment of panic. and then i look at the rest of the room, everything in order, except, for my blanket which has foudn itself on the other side of the room. that is sooo not funny.

had a fabu time with the girls yesturday. we went to paru's. the food was mighty tasty. n2cole and i shared a cup of mango juice, which was sooo rad. we headed over to freestyle and i plopped down some cash for more film, lith paper, and some cynotype paper.

we headed over to hollywood wig (<3) and i got some much needed fake hair. the next transition of colours will be neon pink, neon green, and black. i plan to rock the obnoxious hair.

today i buy my enlarger from school. *prances* this will be a glorious day.

schooled in cool.
2003-03-18 09:17:43 ET

i suppose a formal update is somewhat due.

friday night i sat around. waiting for conan o'brien. crispen glover was to be on. but pass out sometime before then. my guess eleven thrity ish. woke up about two. and then just kinda flopped around.

saturday brian and i attended a bar-b-que. i took some cough syrup which is laced with codeine and kinda just got really really tired. so before i completely passed out we went back over to brian's. watched the rats for a bit. i love them.

especially ghost and phantom. <3

sunday we got up, went out to breakfast. and then mostly just flopped around. bought the squeekies a new cage. introduce pixel to the gang. and separated the males out. 3 males 6 females. which translates to 3 males for adoption and 4 females for adoption.

this needs its own paragraph. i saw willard. words can't describe. the film was really awesome and i will be buying myself a suit and putting pixel on my shoulder. i think i am gonna use it as inspiration for some photography. viva. take photos of all my friends with rats. i think this could be very neet.

my trogdor shirt.

i am now the coolest kid in school. last night i go to hang out with brian and some of his friends. but had to leave early due to a psych test. :/

gonna meet up with some uber fine girlies and rock the indian cuisine.

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