2003-02-06 23:25:15 ET

i've got the overwhelming sense that failure will be paying me a visit tomarrow.

offical beginnings
2003-02-06 15:12:41 ET

i forgot to mention.

things are offical. the bells the whistles the entire thing. legit.

i got a new hair accessory.

green bangs to match the rest of my hair.

today i went to glendale to meet up with the inthia, mac, and serena. we all needed some musical-ness, hence we went to go see chicago. nice film. wasn't such a disappoint like the certain last musical.. *coughcoughmoulanrougecoughcough* (ok, but only cause of the disaster i like to call nicole kidman. she disgaces "nicoles" everywhere. as far as i'm concerned.) anyhow. the actors can sing and it was entertaining. kudos to ms. atwood on coustumes and to mr. elfman for a fabu score. and richard gere didn't make me want to slit my wrists or kill people like i thought he would.

my insides are liquifing. thanks mother nature. *glare* now to burn off some hostility and kill some aliens via unreal II.

2003-02-04 20:48:09 ET

i had a lovely weekend.

although, i just came home and stuff i got on ebay came today. VIVA. and now i'm complete.

a. beetle necklace
b. complete series of tank girl.

i am soo excited.

and i got a certain game, which is now consuming my everywaking moment. thank gawd i have the next three days off.

brian and i are almost done with rat cage. just need some plastic filler. i'm kinda worried about my rat, she's been sneexing a bunch. i fear that she may be sick. its got me scared and really sad. it kinda reminds me of why i never replaced Daniel the hampster. who was hands down the best pet to ever exist. he was more like a dog than a hampster. he come when you called him, and would rather sleep on my pillow than in his cage. there was a horrible freak accident and me attempting to nurse him back to health and he never pulled through. i came home, and the cage was empty and cleaned out. i cried for about three days, the emotional drain and commitment i had to the little rodent was unbelievable. :/ after that i pretty much vowed to never own another small animal again. the heart ache every three/four years is too much.

i spilled something gross on my keyboard. i think its syrup. but i'm really not too sure.

i've been doing alot of reading which has me quite happy. kinda can't wait for school to start. i've got a nice scedule of classes. colour photo 2, i really want to take another colour class, but not with the teacher and i just decided to grin and bear it. alternitive processes, another photo class, which is something right up my alley. anthropolgy, viva. abnormal psychcology, the teacher rocked, and we didn't get too deep into this more interesting portion of the class. i'm really excited.

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