2004-05-11 20:21:15 ET

give me women of myth.

examples; eve, medusa, etc. i just need historical women.

2004-05-11 05:30:41 ET

as for weekend minus all of the insanely bad stuff. it was pretty nice, very laid back. friday i grabbed nicole and we headed to bunker. everyone was there practically and a good night was had. as usual i spent most of laughing histerically with nyiama. scored myself a free bottled water from the bar tender who thinks i'm cute. danced in the main room for a bit then headed down to the noise room. Combichrist was about as entertaining as watching his cd spin in my player. i'm begining to get over button pushers. put on a goddamn show people. *thrashes about*

alright. i spent the latter part of the evening talking to Nox about buddhism. it was kinda amusing to watch people walk over then walk away cause we weren't talking smack or something stupid like everyone else on the patio. brian came over and got in the coversation. he was a better conversationalist on the topic, cause he took a class. i could only relate what i had heard or gathered.

Saturday was another pretty laid back saturday. i spent 80% sleeping. bunker really kicked my ass and i was super tired. i slept in till about noon. we got up and went out to breakfast. i then came home and went back to bed. brian woke me up at five so we could grab some good and get tickets to Einstürzende Neubauten. yellow curry was consumed and then we headed to go stand in line for tickets. apparently the show was sold out, but we managed to get some tickets. WAAA HOOO. i wasn't feeling to well, so i opted to go stand by a wall while brian socialized. i hit the pee pee room and on my way out was hit with bad bad news. i opted a place on some chairs. once the band finally came on i had a great view. brian came and joined and our third chair rotated for various people, the spark, carin, etc. the show was great and they are beyond super cool. no button pushers here. and thank god. rumor has it there was a masumi max and nick cave among others in the crowd.

i'll finish about sunday later. it's time for school. wahoo.
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2004-05-09 20:29:49 ET

when it rains it pours. if you know my sister, please give some love and prayers to her direction. she had an accident today. she's ok and in one piece plus giant gash.

also please give some prayers to my friend who has been battling cervical cancer.

what a crazy weekend.


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