2004-05-28 14:50:16 ET

last weekend i went to the insect fair which was super fun. i've got this big ol weekend ahead of me. i can't really say that i want to do much of anything. i'd really prefer just crawling into my room and nail my stairs shut.

something about this morning was really bad. everyone was just super annoying and i had little to know patience dealing with the standard craziness.

i really hate coming home and being yelled at. i totally do not appreciate it at all.

last night i hit up perversion. something can be said, the club looks nicer, the bathroom wasn't all that bad. however, i couldn't get into dancing so it ended up being not fun for a most of the night. at least not until i could get around to moving.

schools almost over, and i can't wait. classes just need to be over. that's all i'm asking. but finals start next week and then it's smooth sailing for abit.

i'm gonna dye my hair black. yeep. i'm a bit nervous.

2004-05-23 20:15:14 ET

things i would like to do within the near future (presented in random):

- sing in a musical
- take piano lessons
- take singing lessons
- get a nice excercise routine
- have an amazing insect collection
- go to europe
- become happy with myself
- learn to live alone
- seriously take up kick boxing
- have girl's night (i'm looking for june-july)

(there are alot more but that's just what i was thinking about right now.)

2004-05-17 13:37:08 ET

my tickets were confirmed, my ass is seeing morrissey!

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