2004-06-17 11:33:05 ET

*stirs pot* yay for new stuff dyed black. thank god there is black fabric dye. *prances*

time for food.

2004-06-15 18:37:13 ET

busy busy week.

teusday/wednesday i spent with joe. geeking out and then going to universal studios. great fun was had. except for spiderman rocks. never ever ever go to that. viva dinosaurs.

perversion was awesome. had a super fancy time dancing. got to hang out with ms. hyatt and ms. smash. everything was good. sooo good.

friday was spent doing important things. like laundry. drove up to brian\'s. movies were almost rented. hanging out with people almost happened. then nothing happened.

saturday we saw napoleon dynomite. which was super funny. and we looked for glasses for me. my old glasses broke and it was time to replace them. unfortunitely i couldn\'t. so i ended up getting new ones. so i look super fancy.

sunday. i woke up at seven am cause i knew i would be at disney land in four hours. i stared at brian for a bit. then went back to sleep then woke up again and laid there. then i finally decided to get up and get ready. i pranced around singing the disney song. brian got ready and we blasted to studio city. melissa and i were excited and sang the disney song. so disney land was fun. ended up riding on only a few rides due to mostly trying to meet up with people. i did get to go on the tower of terror which was totally fun. yay. i got to pet a goat. which was awesome. GOATS FOREVER. i\'m getting a minigoat.

monday was filled with n1cole and v1nny action. many good good times. soo great. went to the beach played with jellyfish and giggled. i really missed her. you know sometimes you just need that person around who can say things that make you giggled endlessly. i also got to see ian. which was fab, considering it had been a year. an entire year since i last saw him. :/ but things will change. i\'ll get plenty of n1cole, v1nny, and ian action. weee. yay. buca was great. and mud pie was awesome. especially after i ate joe\'s corner. which must have been the tastiest corner out of all the pie.
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2004-06-09 21:34:47 ET

i had a wonderful day.

but i better not be fucking sick. perversion is tomarrow and i have some plans goddamnit.

p.s. joe happy birthday. (again.)
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