2004-07-04 10:07:08 ET

i'm in a skinny puppy coma, and have been since friday. tonight is the last night of their us tour. i'll be there in full effect.

friday night iwas splashed with blood. saturday night iwas drenched in it. friends were calling me carrie. i still have it in my hair. it coagulates too. so i had a bunch of scabs. and since i'm a scab picker i was in heaven.

this entry brought to you by scab picking.

picures to come later.

2004-06-29 12:51:47 ET

this weekend was a very busy weekend. thursday was perversion. (now that i am attending again thursday is the start of the weekend.) i grabbed n2cole and we sauntered down to the club. i parked ridicuously far away. which ended up being to our detrement. upon walking to said club, a silver car with approximately three or four males pulled up. they began to harras us. the driver was the one who kept bugging us. something about him being the time magainze man of the year. quite frankly he forgot the rest of his title. "MAN OF THE YEAR .. FOR BEING A TOTAL DIPSHIT." this conintued on for roughly two blocks. until they decided to take off. we progressed to the club and i walked in to the new skinny puppy being played. i got my dance on and then waited on the sideline for hyatt to arrive. ... ... hyatt finally arrived and we got to business. without stretching which made crampiness in my side. the night was great and i ended up hanging out with matthew, theo, and leslie. all types of fun indeed.

friday i woke up to my car's brakes being angry. one of them was locking and not releasing. so after reading some buick forums. i discovered the problem. the brake line over heated a tiny plastic valve melted and locked brake fluid in the line. so my daddy bought a new line and then voila it was fixed. brian and i ended up going to the theaters to watch "supersize me". which was a totally great film. this movie + fast food nation should be required reading for anyone who thinks they are fat and then eats fast food.

saturday i had a walk through of the fashion show at see-throo. it was a bit scary at first but then after we all got out grove on we were all strutting down that thing like no one's business. i had a fun time. after that was all finished i headed back home, got my stuff togeher and brian came and picked me up. we headed to dungeon. most of the time we spent tryint to get to dungeon. all sorts of shit was going down. so after one hour we finally got there. i danced to a few songs talked to some people and then we decided to leave. dungeon just ain't my thing.

sunday, the fashon show. i was quite nervous once i was dressed and waiting back stage. but after dancing and having a green apple twist i was ready to go. ended up struttin my stuff. lots of people i knew showed which was fun. although when i looked out into the audience it seem more like the opposite was true. the show was a total success. brian ended up modeling last minute because of a no-show. i had a super fun time. and hopefully soon i'll get to do it again. somehow, rev john with his mystical mind powers convinced a gorup of us to go watch "white chicks" with him. i'm not exactly how he worked it out, but brian, me, theo, meli, peter, and shannon ended up following him to mann's chinese. he was like the pied piper of the wayans' brothers. the movie was completely silly and had some funny moments. not something i would have usually sat down to watch.

yesturday, i ended up going to go see farenheit 9/11 with karen, shannon, arkady, and few others. the film exploded about 30 minutes into it and they cancelled the showing. we got out money back and a bonus ticket for the hassle. bastards. we ended up standing around for the rest of the duration of the film. then we ended up parting ways. they were all headed to ground control to get their kareoke on. i opted for home. even though ground control doesn't sound like i thought it would. i imagined it would be like drunk sobbing bitches singing vnv or apop. *shudders* seems like it is mostly 80's stuff. kinda like the punk rock kareoke. ah good times. i met the guy who plays the rocketeer at universal. and he's everything you think the guy who plays the rocketeer would be like. the actor of actors.

over all i would say i had a pretty fancy weekend. next weekend will be fun too. thursday: perversion, friday:skinny puppy + bunker, saturday: skinny puppy, sunday: axoque + skinny puppy. dear ohgr, i love you.

now i need to shoot my project..

holy crap.
2004-06-24 15:35:44 ET

it's not often when i get an anxiety attack. but to have an anxiety attack brought on by a person's opinion is just horrid.

seeing that the guy said that it was ok that women make $.75 for every dollar a man makes. and that women are weaker, dumber, and more emotional so they should make less money because we aren't capable of running countries or corparations. (ignore the fact that lots of countries have had women presidents, companies have women presidents, a woman supreme court judge, and lots of female senators. my hands started shaking and my heart was pounding so hard after i heard this. he then said that being a senator doesn't matter. .. so he basically said that men who are senators don't matter either. IGNORE THE FACT THAT THEY RUN 1/3 OF OUR GOVERMENT. i told him that because of people like him, women are going to have to forever struggle and that he's just made it that much harder for his sisters, mother, and future daughters.

i swear to god, it makes no sense to me why anyone, especially someone of colour, would advocate any form of discrimination. if you allow a slice of discrimination, then i believe you advocate for all discrimination. if you hate women and you believe that the discrimination against women is fine. Then someone who hates south american ethnicities should say that discrimination against them is fine. its the same thing. hate is hate.

that shit ain't cool.

especially after the first day of class when my teacher went into a lengthy talk about discrimination.

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