2004-06-23 19:28:17 ET

i really wish i could just say what i needed.

2004-06-22 07:11:38 ET

my brakes are totally shot. i shouldn't be driving on them, but i need to get to school today. i'm hoping they won't totally explode. tonight my daddy is gonna fix em up. let's pray i don't kill myself on the way to school.

.. or back from it.

NOTE: the brakes are being fixed right now. the squeeling and grinding was just worn out brake pads and not my car wanting to explode. YAY!

2004-06-19 02:08:16 ET

i'll write you a love letter, if you write me a love letter.

it's just what i need.


so perversion kicked my ass in the best way possible. lots of people who i miss alot showed up. i danced my booty off along with snapping my back in two. i pranced with tricia, hyatt, smash, and megan. it was very good to see everyone. i got to meet tricia's super awesome boyfriend. (+100 double good points.) we marveled in what was the super tiny girl with the very very large strap on ruby koolaid red cock. now, penis would not suffice this large piece of rubber. it was clear, so if the lights caught it right it would glow like a light saber. it was crazy and very distracting. plus she kept making it bounce. later to the horror of all we discovered it also had giant matching testicles.

after the club we got the much needed super magic del taco green burrito. oh behold the superior glory of the green burrito. a mighty half pound of tasty goodness. Mmmm. hyatt and i had a sleep over. spend a good portion of the day getting some much needed girl talk. i haven't been able to talk to anyone about certain aspects of my life. because they are so embarrassingly private. yes i'm a total freak. (thanks jerk.)

anyhow, it was good. we hit up the supply sargent i bought a really fucking fancy hat. the rest of the day was filled with mall wandering. and getting lost in macy's. and getting ready for bunker.

ginny got her groove back.

i busted my ass tongiht at bunker. it was sooooooo good. i felt like i knew what i was doing and was in control. whoop there it is. got to get my dance on with the naeemah and hyatt. fear it. we rocked it.

after dancing like a mad woman for a good solid bit. i decided it was time to get some water. the bartender is super sweet, as in, he'll give me my water if i do a shot of jagermeister. so i'm like ok. i drink that shot (by shot he ment a good half glass of it.) and am happily rewarded my free bottle of water. i prance off and then go dance. ten minutes later i'm feeling pretty good. then i realize i just had a shot of jagermeister on an empty empty stomach. ten minutes after that i was good to go. and by that i mean good to go be silly on the patio with brian. woo. i was totally loosened up and was ready to let thee words come flying out of my mouth. ha. alcohol. i had a fancy coversation about school and the photo lab. <3 yay. school. went back to go dance and had a blast. fear me and my high kicking and spins. woo.

so everything was all good. especially the part of me being silly. and dancing. yay dancing. oh and black eyes and fancy hats!!


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