2004-10-08 11:24:39 ET

i need sushi.

information overload v.2
2004-10-04 13:02:23 ET

i'm a pescitarian. sushi is my down fall. i try to eat all organic to the best of my ability. this would be possible if i was on my own. my reasons are health issues as well as moral ones. one day woke up unable to process cow muscle and decided it wouldn't be fair to the rest of them.

i live with my parents and two sisters in sunland, ca. essentially LA. on the outskirts over the hill from everything. positvies: i have air, mountains, and snow (in the winter) negatives: i live pretty far away from everything.

i drive a rice rocket. a red acura with a sun roof. it has a/c and it goes from place to place.

i don't have a job. currently looking.

my favorite colour is lime green.

my musical tastes range from the absurd to the brillant and everything inbetween. although i don't really listen to classical, but i am a sucker for strings. but pretty much everything else is game.

the last movie i saw in the theater was garden state/dig! go see either of these films.

i frequent the industrial/noise club das bunker. you can catch me in one of four places. a. industrial room b. smoking patio c. noise room d. in transit to previously mentioned.

i go to school at a local community college. viva la gcc. i'm attempting to get my GE requirements out of the way, but am losing the battle to distractions like photography and stabbing myself in the eye.

i plan on becoming a crazy art teacher and comfortably living till i can get my masters. i'm not aiming for the millions, i just want to comfortable. because most of all i want to happy.

i currently do not identify with any religion. although i do have my morals and weird things i believe in. i don't push anything i believe in on people. cause what's right for me can be wrong for you.

i have extra holes in my body. piercings consist of:
.2 nostril 18 gauge spikes
.ceptum 14 gauge
.6 in ear. two @ 2 gauge. two @ 14 gauge. industrial 14 gauge left ear.
.lip 14 gauge captive

i have zero tattoos. although i have been considering some ideas. frankly, i change my likes and dislikes too much to have something permenantly attached to my body.

i live in the attic and during the summer i fight wasps.

my political views vary, but they mostly fall in the range of being some sort of leftist. i'd like to say i'm anti-consumerism but at this point i can't say that with out being a total hipocrit in my actions. i strive to being closer to it.

i'm not a fan of most holidays. i like halloween but have not participated in it for the past few years. i don't like x-mas. new years is a neutral holiday kinda.

i have had 3 boyfriends. dated a good number of boys (which never progressed to anything remotely serious). i have had a reasonable amount of crushes. have had my heart broken twice. and have been disappointed in many.

my relationships last no shorter than 6 months and no longer than 2 years.

i'm a fairly smart kid. but procrastination and laziness can get the best out of me.

i've read a few books and loved them. i need to read more.

my favourite artists (a small selection) consist of: roy lichenstein, floria sigismondi, joel-peter witkin, robert parke harrison, betty cobb, my friends, brute, christopher higginson & andy warhol...

i was in a talking heads music video, but my scene was cut. i however, was stolen by david byrne for several hours where no one knew where i nor he was.

my dad when i was seven tried to feed me to an alligator at the LA zoo.

my hair has been every hair colour in existance, including grey.

i have never broken any bones, officially.

i've lost 40 lbs in three months and had doctors questioning what i was suffering from.

i'm a sucker for a mohawk.

i like kissing... alot.

i didn't see a horror film till i was 16.

i self shelter, i am sesitive to many things and have been desensitised to very few.

i have never smoked pot or done any street drug. i frequent caffiene and aspirin.

i was 15 when i had my first kiss.

i have long running crushes on people. they can range from months to years. although nothing has gone past three years.. yet.

i have never cheated on a signifigant other. i have been cheated on.

i think that if zombie velosoraptors ever existed we would be screwed.

2004-10-04 00:36:02 ET

my spine.

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