2004-12-13 17:40:05 ET

beetle necklace where are you?

i'm naked without my trade mark necklace.

boo ya! i found it.

bend over and take it.
2004-11-24 19:59:42 ET

it's good thing i got that job. cause i got robbed.

my car was broken into on monday morning. all my cd's, a cd player, all of my negatives from the past three years, and my portfolio were stolen. good bye transfering to art school. hello, GCC for another year.

to top it off my studio lighting teacher is very unsympathetic to the situation. guess who has to get three projects reshot within a week?

thank you november, for the fuck in the ass, because june-october wasn't shitty enough.

<3 ginny

btw, some nice people have donated to my help me buy film/process film fund to reshoot my portfolio. paypal being accepted here: robotgrrlx@earthlink.net (you'd be suprised what $3 will do.)


2004-11-09 11:54:00 ET

i've got a job. and it's good. although hell has been raining down on us. but the days go by quick.

not much else to report other than that.

i was home and slept in my bed for the first time in three weeks.

it's the snap that does it.

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