2005-09-12 09:16:03 ET

As far as time stands it, I'm still living with my boyfriend in burbank. We live in this swanky house. The past weekend I've been boxing up all of my stuff at parents house. The moving back in over there is more towards december now, at best.

I had a trip planned to europe this october but it fell through. I'll be enjoying europe in the spring however. This october I turn 22. It's quite strange.

I'm still working at what is the best job ever, enjoying life emmensely. In two weeks construction starts at our new building. I can't wait to move in there. We'll be moving hopefully next febuary or sooner.

I'm planning the art and style of my first tattoo. Which will live on my back.


2005-07-13 07:59:55 ET

So the update for the SK'ers.

In january I started a job at a rad toy company. (www.sideshowcollectibles.com) I am their staff photographer. I spend a majority of day playing with toys and taking photographs. When I'm not taking photos of toys they send me out to various people's houses to take photographs for news articles on our site. (Like Lance Henrikson.)

I've been living at my boyfriend's house attempting to move out which hasn't happened. Well at least not until lots of plans fell through. I'll now be moving back to my parents house at the end of this month.

In march I bought a car. I got a 2005 mazda m3 five door, which is my new love. He's black with leather interior and a sun roof.

I took out my dreads for an extensive period of time and recently have put others back in. I now am currently rocking butt length dreads in neon green, yellow, and black. They weigh a ton.

This weekend I'll be in san diego for comic con. I'll be working at the sideshow collectibles booth (#2329). Feel free to come by and say hello.


2005-01-22 11:06:00 ET

poor sk so neglected are you.


- super cool new jorb.
- working photographer
- fixed car
- new hair
- new earrings, shirt, make-up, etc.

fancy times.

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