santa con?
2003-12-22 17:25:57 ET

my dad sent me this link
he is an odd man

2003-12-22 17:27:36 ET

That's hilarious!

2003-12-22 17:28:58 ET

yes...but still weird...

2003-12-22 17:29:18 ET

double reply...did you see the guy drinking pine sol?

2003-12-22 17:30:32 ET


I think my favorite is the "Recall Santa"

2003-12-22 17:33:54 ET

I like the "hooker santa" who is underwearless

2003-12-22 17:34:30 ET

Speaking of underwearless....I'll discuss that with you tomorrow :-D

2003-12-22 17:36:13 ET

speaking of tomorrow....when are you coming? 12ish?

2003-12-22 17:39:11 ET

Yeah....expect me around 12...maybe even before...I'll be leaving LA around 6ish

2003-12-22 17:39:55 ET

why so early?

2003-12-22 17:48:35 ET

Because I'm a nut and hate traffic.

2003-12-22 17:49:49 ET

ahhhh...i see kinda....just so you know, I don't actually live in Half Moon Bay

2003-12-22 17:51:13 ET

Ahhh.....where do you live? How far?

2003-12-22 17:52:53 ET

about 1/2hr south, we should still meet there 'cause my house is impossible to find...

2003-12-22 17:57:00 ET

Hmmm......either way is fine,...the distance and time or the convienent but possible lost.... choose,...but either way....make sure you have extra underwear on you

2003-12-22 18:24:44 ET

wow, how did i miss the d.c. one?

2003-12-22 18:45:05 ET

tk- half moon bay MCoffee it is...

fakeambition- I don't know how I missed the sf one..

2003-12-22 19:10:19 ET

santarchy eh??? *looks around confused* hahahahahahaha well at least your dad knows how to use a dad has no idea how to turn one on....HAHAHAHAHA..this in the end is good for me! <3 <3 <3

2003-12-22 19:32:35 ET

he looks like a neanderthal trying to use it...pounding at the keyboard witha club

2003-12-22 19:42:12 ET


2003-12-22 21:10:21 ET

hmm, reminds me of the tick episode with the santa flood.

2003-12-23 01:04:33 ET


2003-12-23 10:44:54 ET

Heh, i worked in a pub for just about a year, and last x-mas we had them invade our pub, really really creepy when you're getting hit on by 30 to 40 year old women dressed as santa, all sorts wrong with that heh

2003-12-23 18:03:49 ET

haha..that is wrong

2003-12-23 20:17:41 ET

yes, yes it is and i don't think you can truly appreciate just how wrong it is until you experience said wrongness heh

2003-12-23 20:56:32 ET

I got hit on by an old man that looked like Santa earlier this year. It was creepy as all hell.

2003-12-24 06:14:31 ET

Heh, gotta love creepy old people, they make me laugh heh

2003-12-24 09:58:30 ET

ugh, creepy old people are... creepy. they are always hanging around where i work.

2003-12-24 13:49:16 ET

yeah, at Supercuts, it's one cute young person to every 50 old people. Gr.

2003-12-24 13:52:36 ET

Would it be creepy I dressed up as Santa and hit on y'all?

2003-12-24 13:52:55 ET

Creepy..... or incredibly kinky?

2003-12-24 13:53:34 ET

Hmmm....I'll have to give it a shot

2003-12-24 15:22:34 ET

sorry dude, santa suits are only kinky on me heh

2003-12-24 15:24:56 ET

But I'll be beardless, suitless, and kilted.

2003-12-25 00:16:15 ET

That's not very Santa-like at all. :-|


2003-12-26 08:10:29 ET

I'm not very Santa-esque. Maybe if I wore vinyl and had a goatee...

2003-12-27 05:25:22 ET

yeah... that'd make you very Santa-like. :-\

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