2005-02-03 18:22:29 ET

sooo.....I cut off all ofmy hair... yea, it's short.. for two and a half weeks I had a mohawk/style hawk but I really really didn't dig it. Everyone pretty much loved it except for me. Also I am really sick. I just started classes at sfsu and I am loving it. I suppose I will post pictures sometime..

2005-02-03 18:38:22 ET


2005-02-03 19:14:12 ET

Mohawks are fun. I cried when I had to cut mine off.

2005-02-03 21:30:52 ET

oh, dear

2005-02-04 07:04:26 ET

feel better, bebe!!

2005-02-04 10:12:56 ET

Where's the hawk picture? I need it! It's my drug!

w00t for State!

2005-02-05 06:26:14 ET

the hawk is dead guys...but i will post pics as soon as I am up and running with the computer dealy thing
and thank kaetzchen..i'm trying

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