2005-02-17 18:47:57 ET

new pictures....please no one scream...
i look silly

in this one i just look retarded

2005-02-17 19:49:05 ET

i like em! the second one is menacing though. scurry shit.

2005-02-17 22:10:31 ET

that grew fast in a day

2005-02-17 23:42:18 ET

good times!

2005-02-18 09:49:03 ET

Man I love that...personally at least.

Geez, you've changed a lot since I last saw you. Hope you're having a good one

2005-02-18 23:20:58 ET

ahhh as a title? dont scream?? looking silly? im confused do you not like it? i think its radicool. and the shadow form the picture makes me feel as though you're about to bash my face in.

ooo and the pain face thing in the gallery..yea so you seemed calm and collected.. and i was wiggling and yelling and laughing and man i was a squirm

2005-02-24 18:31:33 ET

wow.. you have gorgeous eyes / eyebrows :-)

2005-02-24 23:10:53 ET

omg. It looks goe-juss.

2005-02-27 11:26:49 ET

thank you all

2005-03-21 14:37:59 ET

holy shiiiiiiiiiit
i fucking love it

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