2003-03-22 13:38:07 ET

wow, life is a good thing.

Im at a party, its happy. sabrina got here so now we can start. katies clothes look great on me. and her pants are too wierd for her grandma.

2003-03-22 14:24:01 ET

w0007 for parties...have fun !! :)

2003-03-22 16:42:18 ET


i could use a party...

2003-03-22 17:00:59 ET

me too..party party !! *jumps around*

2003-03-22 21:07:06 ET

oh my god thats disgusting. you actually fit in kts clothes?? ewww
i was just about to sleep, too

2003-03-23 07:45:22 ET

I hate you. and yes, I fit them quite well. and the pot should never call the kettle black. or fat.

2003-03-23 08:39:46 ET

but im not the same size as you, so im not a pot.

2003-03-23 08:48:42 ET

no. you are larger. and I am sad now. so stop talking.

2003-03-23 09:10:57 ET

i was actually saying kt is really skinny.
i got weighed (however you spell that) last thursday, my official fatness is 103 pounds

2003-03-23 14:28:20 ET

wow. Im extremely sorry. and yes kt is tiny. I couldnt fit most of her pants but I am going to wear a shirt of hers next monday. Reba is forcing me.

2003-03-23 15:59:48 ET

reba smells funny sometimes

2003-03-24 00:40:15 ET

oh boy does she!

...who's reba? reba mcintyre? people love her...

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