I work on weekends
2004-11-07 14:18:09 ET

so this is the first time since friday that ive been able to sit down and think out... that must mean its time to dish... alright hhmm let me think..Owww.... OOwww... i need to stop doing that... anyway im trying to pay off a $1600 car (Saab CSE 9000 turbo) by working at mcdonalds. not a very fast method i might add, and i have about 5 managers, basically its like having 2 pschitzophranic bosses. You know what each personality has in store for you but in the morning you dont know whos ganna show. so depending on whos there i either feel like most of the day or im laughing non stop. on saturday i found out i was hired to be a janitor... ive been working there since september and i didnt know that.. i just thought i was the newest employee so i got all the ty jobs.
needless to say i cant wait to pay off my car.

2004-11-07 20:36:37 ET

ehhh... yea i always got stuck with crappy jobs... i was hired at a grocery store once... as a bagger... i ended up doin' all kinds shit... like cleaning lots of cleaning...
kinda sucked...
but not too bad...

how old are you?

2004-11-08 04:55:33 ET

schizophrenic (correct spelling)

2004-11-08 07:35:35 ET

im 16, and just to let everyone know i cant spell shit

2004-11-08 09:19:05 ET

that's cool... ehhh we all mis-spell somethin' occasionally...

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