2004-11-08 11:11:30 ET

I finally got the catalog from Savana College of Art and Design and im fipping through it but i think im ganna have to actually read it to learn anything. thats why i like school they teach you instead of just giving you a book. oh well, ill read it sooner or later, i got a year.
im not really sure what i want to do with my life i just know i want to use my art to make people feel. like right now im listening to one of Gabriel's songs-I like it- maybe ill figure out how to put my songs on this damn box, i know ill put some poems up here sooner or later. theyll all be old but oh well. i have one called angry child - it's my favorite. i'll post it by itself. if anyone has any ideas for an artistic future please inform me of all you know. im searching for a future so i can make up for my past.

2004-11-08 11:18:21 ET

I'm not sure yet what I want to do yet either!

I'm taking courses right now at the local college, but I don't think it will lead anywhere.

2004-11-08 11:22:26 ET

lol is it free?

2004-11-08 11:50:31 ET

no, you have to pay, but I had a small scholarship, which covered most of it.

2004-11-08 11:55:10 ET

well at least you dont have to pay full price for something you dont think will go anywhere

2004-11-08 11:55:42 ET

yes, I am glad of that.

I only had to put up about $100, so it wasn't that bad.

2004-11-08 12:01:22 ET

yeah i hope i can get the hope scholarship ( i live in georgia) that way i dont have to worry about the money

I think i want to go to SCAD... lol scad
anyway i know ild like to go to an art school to explore my talents

2004-11-08 12:02:05 ET

that sounds like something that could be good...you just don't want to spend a ton of money unless you're sure of what you want to do.

2004-11-08 12:04:24 ET

yeah like my car i know i want my car and i know i have to pay it off so im doing what i gotta do... even if it means being a ing semi/janitor

2004-11-08 12:05:03 ET

man i this computer i cant get back to my page, i cant get to anything on this box

2004-11-08 12:06:27 ET


2004-11-08 12:07:39 ET

gggrrr... thats it im getting my own computer.. this is a family comp and its just a box on a table with wires and speakers

2004-11-08 12:08:09 ET

my old one was like that too, but I LOVE the one I have now (it's a Dell desktop)

2004-11-08 12:08:40 ET

its a peice of and im this close ( ) to throwing it out the window

2004-11-08 12:09:02 ET

HAHAHA, I'd love to see that!

2004-11-08 12:09:09 ET

i want one of those :( sad puppy dog eyes

2004-11-08 12:10:08 ET

theyd kill me if i threw it out the window, unless it fell straight down into the bushes (a floor below me)

2004-11-08 12:10:24 ET

it's a very good computer

2004-11-08 12:17:30 ET

how much was it?
and what did it have on it?

2004-11-09 05:41:55 ET

SCAD sounds like an STD..

2004-11-09 07:40:49 ET


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