EA Freaking Games
2004-11-17 12:26:18 ET

thats what this box is doing its playing ea freaking games with me, because im blocked from the sunlight, but soon the sun will come through because the clouds and restrictions will be lifted and i will be free to explore the world, and fix my page, and background, it looks like crap... this box makes me mad... does anyone think i can get off school grounds with a desk computer?

2004-11-17 20:02:26 ET

I know how computers can be a pain in the ass somtimes... I had been dealing with some spyware threats lately, and after a long battle trying to eliminate them... until today, I'm starting to think I've finally succesed.
I like better coulds than the sun, I wish I could have at least one month totally cloudy.
What are the problems with the computer?

2004-11-18 07:34:54 ET

it makes a scratching noise when i do more than 2 things, its freezing up again, and i am parentally blocked from everythi9ng

2004-11-23 05:58:09 ET

its been tried before, stealing school comps, you cant do it, especially at this school with the cameras in every hallway and metal detectors at the doors.

did u see the guy on the news who stole like 20 someodd laptops from Gwinnett County teachers?

2004-11-23 10:51:51 ET

lmao not yet but im ganna look out for him cause i wanna see

2004-11-23 13:07:37 ET


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