Hell Comes in Silence
2004-11-23 11:45:31 ET

Silence can be consuming
with confusion sinking in
no sounds, no noise,
no voices to hear
unknown to all
of whom will call
and when and where
they still dont care
and when hell comes
they will not move
their thoughts and minds
will not remain
but they will take pride
as they fall and die

2004-11-23 11:59:46 ET

that's nice... who drew that!?!

2004-11-23 12:02:25 ET

MMMEEEEEE of course
and i only used sharpies

2004-11-23 12:02:55 ET

no pencils involved at all ... suprised the hell out of me thats for sure

2004-11-23 12:04:04 ET

yea that is an amazing drawing

2004-11-23 12:04:40 ET

it says forgive me in russian

2004-11-23 12:05:40 ET

dont try to pronounce it from the drawing because the letters sound nothing like english letters
it actually sounds more like prausty

2004-11-23 12:21:44 ET

that's cool... i was curious what it was sayin'

2004-11-24 09:19:27 ET

I love that poem... and the brillant colors of the drawing

2004-11-24 11:21:04 ET

thank you

2004-11-24 12:28:03 ET

darn u and ur russian.. my brother knows russian.. i dont.

2004-11-24 15:06:34 ET

i dont know much russian but i do have a few sayings written on my shoes, you know the converse heels

2004-11-25 04:43:39 ET

ya, my converse say "WAR?" and "MxPx".. in english..

2004-11-25 05:21:42 ET

really i thought that they would say it in spanish cause i know how much you know languages other than english

2004-11-25 07:01:04 ET

haha. i know like 5 words in romanian

2004-11-25 10:40:09 ET

but can you say them right?

2004-11-25 10:41:31 ET

how to tell if you say it right....
nobody yells at you
nobody rolls their eyes
nobody gets mad
nobody throws a dinning utensel at you
nobody punches a wall
nobody tells you to shut up
must i go on?

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