2004-11-27 16:23:52 ET

i feel good... i think they should write my perscription for everyone this stuff is fun

2004-11-27 16:30:10 ET

well then

2004-11-27 16:31:33 ET

well glad it works for ya... i'm not big on prescriptions

2004-11-27 16:54:18 ET

:) Mine works for me sometimes, but not all the time. I need something else.

2004-11-27 19:52:47 ET

prescription of what?

2004-11-28 13:06:47 ET

ok now that im straight i can explain it lol
seroquel is a mood stabalizer, for manic depressant people, pschitzos and major depression tpye of disorders
malkavian i really think antidepressants would help you, just ask a doctor about the natural chemical called dopamine, its the chemical that makes people happy your body must not be producing enough for you... same with sleeping beauty up there,
megs: your sleeping beauty until you get your meds adjusted and dont fix it on your own.. get a doctors approval[very important]

2004-11-28 13:14:21 ET

I have antidepressants, effexor xr. It's not as helpful as it used to be though...

2004-11-28 13:36:56 ET

you might want to get it increased or changed altogether.
i must be a pritty serious case because they have me on 50mg zoloft, 200mg seroquel, 100mg welbutrin , so i take 350mg of medicine to make me a normal emotion type of person. they just took me down from i think it was 100 or 200mg of zoloft so i know im doing much better. plus i can look back and remember things. that is a good thing even though it makes me feel bad when i look bcak at certain things, but it has to get worse before it can get better.
megs: i think its gotten bad enough for you to realize you can change it, and bad enough for you to change it and im proud of you. i cant wait until you start crying and then stop a minute later because you realize your crying over nothing that matters... i was so proud of myself when i did that for the first time.

2004-11-28 13:39:40 ET

I think I need to get it changed, because I'm at the maximum dosage. I was on a couple of other things, but they took me off those.

I can never remember anything.


2004-11-28 13:44:18 ET

yay now you just need a dosage of dopamine to get life going better for you ... what was your diagnosis? if you dont mind telling. of course if you do mind then dont tell. but i would like to know so i can make assuptions that make an ass out of me and sometimes you lol

2004-11-28 13:44:30 ET

im an idiot lol

2004-11-28 13:46:37 ET

Well, let's see here: I've got a lovely dose of depression, social and generalized anxiety disorder, and some OCD.

2004-11-28 14:01:30 ET

is it real ocd where you cant touch anything or is it ocd where you spaz if things are different like i do.... or other?
i have had separation anxiety for the longest time but i think that is almost gone, because im not fighting with my aunt and uncle anymore, and im letting people know me for me not just what i want them to see.
remember to truely gain sanity you have to change what you do. bc insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
i expect the same result when i do the same thing. its like writing your name, you do the same thing to make the same result. everything works the same way.
and you cant rely on others to make your depression go away. medicine is just a crutch to help you through it, to keep you from hitting the bottom. lucky for me and you i caught myself inches above the bottom. so i am here to help you understand things, i love helping people, although there isnt much i can do to help people that are in the same position i used to be in. unless you have questions about it all. the meaning of life, why you shouldnt die, for emotional encouragement, and of course the always need icebreaking jokes. im there in spirit.

2004-11-28 14:18:07 ET

It's the spazing out one.

:) Thank you.

I live for icebreaking jokes.

2004-11-28 14:47:41 ET

so touch is ok? ;-)

2004-11-28 17:46:39 ET

Well, I don't like to be touched by anyone........but yes, touch is ok ;)

2004-11-28 20:58:47 ET

:-(... that's kinda contradictory... to say you don't like to be touched by 'anyone'... but touch is ok... ::finger to chin::
i'm not sure if i catch it

2004-11-29 11:29:34 ET

gab did you read all the conversation?... it explains it in there

2004-11-29 11:30:29 ET

hhmm let me think of a joke.... hhmm.. damn it the wheels stopped so my thoughts stopped. oh well maybe next time

2004-11-29 14:55:56 ET

i think everyone should ask their doctors for seroquel

2004-11-29 18:35:46 ET

yea i did yesterday... but i can't remember it all right now...

2004-11-29 19:11:15 ET


2004-11-30 11:35:14 ET

Gabriel you got me laughing in my head and im really tired so thats a great achievement. your funny, and so are you megs

2004-11-30 12:49:45 ET

my pleasure

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