crystal's wish list
2004-11-28 12:15:15 ET

the only thing i want for christmas is for my car to be paid off and to wake up on christmas day and know everything there is to know about cars [especially how to fix a Saab]
and im only 16
have you ever heard of a 16 year old girl that doesnt want anything for christmas? its bazerk

2004-11-28 13:36:59 ET

i didnt want anything when i was 16, i just wanted to sleep! but now i want........... a new car, a house, a job.. and a puppy. none of which i will get.

2004-11-28 13:37:52 ET

can i have your car if you get a new one?
you know so i can sell it and then pay off my car

2004-11-28 13:52:32 ET

haha, um, no. im gonna give my car to my dad next year. he wants it coz his is an oldsmobile (aka ewwymobile)

2004-11-28 14:02:08 ET

damn it

2004-11-28 14:04:04 ET

I have never heard of a 16 year old with a car!

2004-11-28 14:04:30 ET

what your kidding

2004-11-28 14:05:41 ET

Nope, they don't let crazy 16 year olds drive here.

2004-11-28 14:07:05 ET

well, here, kids get cars before they even have their lisence, not me tho, i didnt get my learners or a car till i was 18, even tho i couldve gotten em when i was 15..

2004-11-28 14:52:21 ET

yea... well i'm not a girl... but i never really cared too much about gettin' stuff for christmas... that was always one of those give or take sort of things for my family

2004-11-28 20:34:53 ET

I don't know much about cars, I do drive (my father lends me his for school and concerts), I just never have had time or interest on knowing about cars, everybody knows more of cars than me. the good thing is that now internet provides you information on almost anything. I don't know what do you want to know about fixing a Saab, but you can always look for it.

2004-11-29 11:05:05 ET

oh thank you thank you oh oh oh yay!!!.. im excited ... can you tell?

2004-11-29 17:54:16 ET

you're welcome

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