i quit
2004-11-29 14:58:36 ET

i went by my work today after school and turned in my resignation... but now that i think about it i think it was stupid of me because its just one person that the pain in the ass.... i dont know
i wish i had someone to tell me what to do....::::gasp::: FAITH!!!!!

2004-11-29 18:17:05 ET

Mmh... I'm not sure what to say, similarly to me, sometimes I've felt like quiting the orchestra in which I play just due to one ot two persons, but I've stayed just because I love playing, I've had the thought almost every month, but the important is if you really liked working there, despite the people there, if it was obnoxious the tasks that she made you do, maybe it was tight to quit it, but if not... well, I guess we can't help that not always we'll make a good decition about something.
You're a decent person, you'll surely find something better for you.

2004-11-30 04:35:12 ET

ok step 1 before quitting.... have another job ready

2004-11-30 07:10:36 ET

uh oh, no job eh? and you need money for that car. my suggestion.. i know u'll hate it, but work at publix, they'll give u the hours u need and pay u at least 7.50/hr. it'll be temporary so its not like u have to deal with it for too long... well, crap, if you got 150$/wk you would have to work for 10 months to pay off that car. its not that bad tho, publix will hire anyone man!

2004-11-30 11:19:54 ET

everybody: ok i took back the notice and ripped it up.. so i still have my job thank god because it would be impossible for me to get another job this time of year.
Malkavian: sudden thought- what does the name mean? i dont really want to quit, i just cant stand one person so it was stupid for me to give a notice.
Sub: i know... im retarded when my emotions are present.. lol that sounds funny
Faith:hhhmm (or in a crowd: huuummm[hahahah]) thats a really good idea i think ill apply there anyway just so i can work a few weekdays.. i knew they payed well, and i knew they were a great place to work but i didnt know that they start you at 7.50... you sure about that? 7.50 is a really good pay. oh well i still work at md's but im ganna apply to publix now too, see what happens.

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