2004-12-01 12:30:08 ET

im hungry so im ganna go eat some chips while i watch this kid...

2004-12-01 13:20:28 ET

.... that was descriptive.

2004-12-01 13:33:23 ET

hungry=to crave food and/or nurishment
eat=to devour food/nurishment
some=more than one
chips= a snack, in this case=nacho cheese tortilla chips
while= as, during, at the same time as
this kid= Walker
...=ill be back soon

2004-12-01 23:51:29 ET

awww he's cute... and so is you ;-)

hope you enjoyed your chips... or should i say

=nacho cheese tortillas?

:-) hope you're doin' good?

2004-12-02 06:03:37 ET

quiet the.. important post.

::eyes fall out of face::

uhh..i might need those later..

2004-12-02 08:43:49 ET

Gabriel=i know he is thank you :), i did, and thank you im good.i hope your doing good too! :)
antip=yeah you might... but im just ganna jab them tomorrow so whatever

2004-12-02 08:56:49 ET


2004-12-02 11:56:08 ET

no your not

2004-12-02 13:04:32 ET

no im not shocked.. really.
i dont need eyes anyway.

song playing now:
"i want your soul i will eat your soul come to daddy"

2004-12-02 14:20:42 ET

but your not my daddy
you cant eat my soul because your not my daddy. i just had a funny thought.. teach kids to say that. go to school saying that to their teachers... think about it and you will laugh... i once taught a 1st grader to say fuck you mother fucker. i told him to say it to his teacher and i never saw him again... now i feel kinda bad about it but i was just in 4th grade.. i didnt know any better.

2004-12-02 14:28:41 ET

wooo i'm doin' fine... haha... pretty wild...

my little niece says shit a lot... that is pretty much everyone in this house fault haha... but it's soooo cute haha

2004-12-02 14:44:07 ET

lol omg thats adorable... bad but adorable

2004-12-02 14:46:00 ET

oh... there is no way anyone could ever be mad at that girl... she's the sweetest little thing

2004-12-02 14:48:01 ET

yeah? you got any pix? i would love to see her.. i just love kids.. i cant wait to have some of my own. but i cant have any yet.

2004-12-02 14:51:08 ET

that pic is a few months old...
she's makin' some crazy face... i can't remember what was goin' on haha... :-)

2004-12-02 14:52:04 ET

oooohhhh that is so cute

2004-12-02 14:53:17 ET

yea she's gotten a lil' bigger since then... they don't live with us anymore :'(...
so when i see her now... she like hugs me like 20 times in a row... it's so sweet...

2004-12-02 14:56:14 ET

aawwwww. [i dig the hair] i hope my nephew never moves away. i see him weekly he's just a year and a week old

2004-12-02 14:57:15 ET

well they only live like 45 min. to an hour away... but they lived with us for a long time...
they just moved to lexington like a month to a month and a half ago

2004-12-02 14:58:27 ET

as much as im into thess conversations im getting yelled at to get off the comp so i have to go :'(

2004-12-02 14:59:05 ET

ok.. you take it easy... tata

2004-12-02 15:00:13 ET

you to tata? lol tata

2004-12-02 15:01:48 ET

haha... yea tata is my new word at the moment... yo shiggidy de dazzle
didn't go over very well... seems like people didn't realize i was sayin bye... :-(

2004-12-03 04:20:42 ET

darn u guys, i never met my 4 month old nephew.

2004-12-03 04:41:53 ET

dont worry he wont remember!

2004-12-03 05:30:55 ET

james just to let you know, we're gonna go to FL twice a year from next year on, just so he doesnt grow up sayin "leave me alone, i only met you 3 times in my whole life! youre not my aunt!"

2004-12-03 07:50:27 ET

Faith says shes been grabbed by santa
and she doesnt remember him having mittens

2004-12-03 07:57:28 ET

go to florida then faith i understand now that you explained it to me

2004-12-03 07:58:02 ET

gabe i knew you were saying bye its just odd and out of place. but its a good word... really it is

2004-12-03 08:26:00 ET

fine i'll go to florida, only if we can go to orlando.
aparently i know people that know people there!

2004-12-03 11:32:38 ET

are they cool?

2004-12-03 12:28:52 ET

its not chad is it?? no, hes in jacksonville.. whose in orlando?
MJ's freinds?

2004-12-03 13:55:54 ET

theres chris, theres mj's friends. and no getting ahold of chad would be a last priority, and yes they are cool!

2004-12-03 14:13:56 ET

hhmmm maybe i should hide in the trunk until we get there then jump out at a gas station and say hey my ride left me here in florida can i tag along and faith would say yes, and then when james went with his friends i would say can i be in the circle and they would say sure, and we would all get happy... i mean be happy

2004-12-03 16:03:30 ET

haha not likely.

the purple funk will only be smoked in the dj booth all exclusive @ "blood on the turntables".

thats when we are going to fl so theres something to do aside from look @ a lil kid drool on itself.

2004-12-03 16:09:31 ET

your mean

2004-12-03 20:31:21 ET


2004-12-04 03:48:27 ET

hey! youre sayin you wouldnt be entertained by watching jacob dribble?
and ya megan, with james and his freinds, its usually an exclusive thing. and im only invited coz everyone loves me. haha..

2004-12-04 15:45:50 ET

:::sticks out tounge:::

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