420 hugs
2004-12-06 14:12:33 ET

my goal is to get 420 hugs by the end of the month.. help me people i cant do it all by myself... and give innerbeauty lots of hugs too she needs more encouragement give megs hugs
and then give me hugs but dont go past 420 please i want to hold that number long enough for me to see it.. ill be very dissappointed if i check and i see 423 before i see 420 people if my hugs get to 420 leave it alone until i post a "congratulations to me on turning 420" then you can give me more hugs... and you can always give megs more hugs... she loves getting hugs too! dont forget megs.. you know.. the little quiet one.. lol
much love. and more hugs

2004-12-06 20:46:24 ET

why specifically that number? 420? what does it mean?

2004-12-06 21:09:08 ET

Well there you go. exactly 420 hugs now. uhmmm... or should I have left it to 419 so when you click it once more it would be the 420th? damn I hope I haven't done it wrong, cuz left it to 420, it means if anyone else clicks it'll be 421 and that's not what you want it? you needed excatly 420?... mmh... well, I don't know I just know I left it with 420 in total.

heh... yeh... I have SO much to do at nights.....

2004-12-07 05:34:29 ET

she wants 420 coz people think that the number 420 is "cool"

i think its retarded.

i hate those people who go crazy on april 20th, (4-20) going "Oh my god i HAVE to get high!! its 420 today!!!"

2004-12-07 09:13:39 ET

yeah!!! that makes everything a little better thank you malk and all you others and shut up faith

2004-12-07 10:09:34 ET

*gasp* You have too many!

2004-12-07 10:50:16 ET

dont tell me to shut up.. ::manners::

2004-12-07 11:28:03 ET

*hugs* thank you :)

2004-12-07 11:44:31 ET

broken:i saw it at 421 but then i justified it to myself and faith that everytime you pull up the hugs counter, you add one just by pulling it up. so it was 420 before i opened it, and thats good enough.
megs:? tahnk who and for what hun?
Faith: shut up

2004-12-07 11:51:54 ET

2004-12-07 11:54:49 ET


2004-12-07 12:13:48 ET

oh... ah, ok, now I see... mmh.. didn't know of that... I'm really dumb and unaware of that sort of things... if you really wanted a 'magic' number why not being : 0.618 or 1.618... now that's a true universal number.

2004-12-07 14:40:13 ET

lol, you looked it up... lol
i dont know what is 1.618?

2004-12-07 14:41:21 ET

faith ... your retarded, and evil.... your an evil retard... a retarded devil.. diablo estupida

2004-12-07 15:43:03 ET

thats pretty amazing that you looked it up actually. i wouldnt have done that.

2004-12-07 20:30:32 ET

heh, well it's easier looking for stuff now with internet, even for words you don't know there is dictionary.com to look for, and when I see curious things like this I feel the need to look for it.

Well, Phi: 1.618 (the golden ratio), it's a number you can find in almost everything in the nature, from plants to the human body, arts, music, stock market, beauty, etc. For example, a rectangle of x width and y height, if you divide x/y and gives you 1.618 then that sort of rectangle (also called golden rectangle) is said to be pleasant to the sight, and from ancient greeks to modern days we still use it: try it taking measures to a credit card. And this is just one example, you can find lots and lots of examples regarding to 1.618.

2004-12-08 01:29:09 ET


2004-12-08 11:52:04 ET


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